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v 1.12

  • Redesigned notifications and modal windows.

  • Added an indicator of the number of channels, movies, radio stations in the content list.

  • Improved player performance.

v 1.11

  • Implemented VTT subtitle playback in Chrome Cast;
  • Fixed filter reset after deauthorization;
  • Fixed sorting by the last added video in the Video Club;
  • Fixed deauthorization after disconnecting the Internet;
  • Fixed sorting by rating after scrolling through the list of videos;
  • Fixed validation of the URL field when editing the portal;
  • Fixed Channel is not available error after watching the recorded fragment in TimeShift;
  • Fixed redirect to welcome screen after exiting the account;
  • Fixed video playback for an hour;
  • Fixed display of text on the account editing form for Brazilian localization.

v 1.10

  • Added support for Chrome cast;
  • Improvements and bug fixes.

v 1.9

  • Improved player performance.

v 1.8

  • Added support for the French and Portuguese language;
  • Implemented automatic login for authorized users;
  • Improved player performance;
  • Added a selection of audio tracks and subtitles in the system player.

v 1.7.2

  • Improved usability of the application.

v 1.7.1

v 1.6.1

  • Improved usability of the application.

v 1.6.0

v 1.5.9

v 1.2.2(2)

  • Improved stability of the application.

v 1.2.(2)

  • Redesigned authorization form;
  • Fixed work of Custom player;
  • Fixed minor visual defects;
  • Optimized application performance.
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