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PiP (Picture in Picture) function can display an image from the TV and Video Club in an additional window while using other applications. 

Please note, that PiP function is supported only by System player. 

For example, you can browse the webpage and movie from Video Club at the same time.

1. Click PiP icon in the lower right corner PiP function.

PiP function

2. Run necessary application. An image from Video Club is displayed over the running application.

PiP function

To display PiP tools, click on the image. The following tools are available for PiP function:

PiP function - rotate the image;

PiP function - put the video on "Pause";

PiP function - close PiP.

PiP function

Please note that the image can change its position on the screen. Just drag the image to any convenient place for you.

You can also resize the image by increasing/decreasing the distance between the touch points.

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