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1. When loading the user portal for the first time you need to accept the Terms of Use.

Press the Agree button.

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2. Scroll through the pages with information, then click Done.

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3. Click the Sign in to the portal button.

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4. Enter the portal address and click Next.

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5. Enter your Login and Password. Click Next.

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6. Enter the License Key and click Next.

Note! Login, password and link to the portal must be obtained from your IPTV provider.

The user can enter the key in one of the following ways:

  • Manual entry - involves obtaining a license key from the operator who provides services, or purchase on the Infomir website.
  • Automatic issuing from the operator's portal - when you enter a username, password and a link to the portal, the key is automatically issued.
  • Purchase a license key on Roku Store.

For details on using the License Key, see here.

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After successful authorization user can use Ministra Player for Roku.

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