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StalkerTV Lite  is a free trial Ministra Player version. 

StalkerTV Lite allows:

  • getting to know the app interface and facilities;
  • making sure the app is supported by your service provider.

Make sure that the correct time, date and time zone are selected on your device. Otherwise due to the desynchronization of time between server and device, login to the app  will be impossible. 

App interface and facilities

Install StalkerTV Lite app via Google Play (for Android) or iTunes (for iOS).

1. Launch StalkerTV Lite.

Read the information about the program and press ОК.

StalkerTV Lite

2. Press demouser.

StalkerTV Lite

3. Get to know the app interface and facilities.

StalkerTV Lite

StalkerTV Lite

Compatibility test

1. Press button Compatibility test.

StalkerTV Lite

2. Fill in the fields:

Login - enter login;
Password - enter the password;
Basic URL - enter the link to Ministra TV platform. 

All information for fields fill-in should be given by the service provider.

StalkerTV Lite

3. Press ОК.

4. You can make a conclusion about compatibility depending on the message you receive:

  • Your service provider supports StalkerTV Lite. You can install the full version of the app via Google Play (for Android) or iTunes (for iOS), pressing ОК button.

StalkerTV Lite

  • Application is unavailable. 

StalkerTV Lite

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