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Administrative panel

  • Fixed errors when running phing after updating the server's operating system.

  • Implemented automatic issuing of License Keys for Android STB.

  • Added a feature to disable verification of the certificate server.

  • Fixed an issue with displaying movies in the repository when upgrading to Ministra TV platform 5.4.

  • Fixed filtration by Status and State in the User List.

  • Fixed the display of the list of genres on the pages in Video Statistics.

  • Made changes to the "Advertising" section in the administrative panel.

  • Fixed the functionality of searching for radio stations in the Radio section.

  • Implemented functionality to go to movie files when you click on the catalog.

  • Fixed the display of the logo for the channel imported from m3u.

  • Suspended support of the NFS protocol in Karaoke.

  • Fixed the value display in the Status Monitoring field on the channel editing page.

  • Implemented functionality to add more than one hundred radio stations in the Radio section.

Ministra Classic

  • Fixed the indication when switching to standby mode.

  • Fixed a bug concerning incorrect choice of CBR exchange rates.

  • Fixed a bug in playing a channel in TimeShift mode when using Flussonic DVR.

  • Fixed a bug in transitioning to TV Guide at the end of viewing a channel from the TV archive.

  • Fixed a bug in rewinding the TV archive programs while using Flussonic DVR.

  • Fixed support for the Auto video output mode.

The Smart Launcher applications

  • Fixed how the File Explorer application works when mounting network shares.

  • Fixed the generation of a link to the next file for playing content through UPNP.

  • Fixed an error concerning saving settings when exiting the Settings application.

  • Fixed a problem with MAG322 authorization.

  • Fixed a bug when displaying the current value in the screen interval Description.

  • Fixed the display of Action pop-up menu in the Records application.

  • Prohibited transferring the player to PIP mode for MAG250, MAG322, and MAG324.

  • Fixed an error concerning the indicator displaying a partially watched movie.

  • Fixed the functionality of subtitles in Video Club.

  • Fixed the closing of the TV application using the Return button on the remote control.

  • Fixed the Primary language function of the audio track.

  • Fixed a bug concerning playing and pausing videos in Video Club.

  • Fixed a bug concerning saving the sound level after rebooting the set-top box.

  • Fixed errors associated with the transition of the set-top box into standby mode.

  • Added functionality to select subtitles when playing a channel.

  • Fixed a bug concerning shutting off the set-top box with the remote control.

  • Fixed a bug concerning resuming channel broadcasting in Smart Launcher.

  • Fixed functionality for changing the orientation of images in Photoviewer.

  • Fixed the display of the progress indicator when playing a series in Video Club in Smart Launcher.

  • Fixed the display of the search query when searching in the TV Classic application.

  • Fixed a bug concerning prompting the player when pressing the Home button in Smart Launcher.

  • Fixed the Russian localization.

  • Implemented support of closed captioning.

The player

  • Fixed a bug when putting a TV channel on pause in PIP mode.

  • Fixed a problem when switching the player from PIP to full screen mode and back.

  • Fixed a bug in displaying a link to a TV archive recording while playing content in the TV Classic application.

Video Club

  • Fixed a bug concerning selecting the language when adding a series file.


  • Fixed a bug when displaying more than 7 songs in Smart Launcher.

New devices

  • Added MAG420 support.

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