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Administrative panel

  • Modified forms and modal windows on the pages of Users, Events, and Audio Club sections.
  • Fixed the filter description formation in the Users section.
  • Fixed creation of an event based on a filter with several conditions.
  • Fixed the transition between the pages of the Administrators section.
  • Fixed the bug with displaying the TV archive form in the Service package.
  • Fixed the bug when sending an event to users.
  • Implemented the possibility to send events to users without a MAC address.
  • Fixed page scrolling in the Events, Audio club, and Video club sections.
  • Redesigned the form validation in the Events and Tariff plans sections.
  • Fixed the displaying of the default values when reopening the event sending form.
  • Improved the mechanism for verifying the login uniqueness when creating a new user.
  • Fixed the bug with duplicating the description string of the filter by Media type.
  • Improved the visual design of the elements of the top menu bar, navigation, buttons on the filtering panel, the video search page in the Storage section.
  • Fixed the errors with adding video using autofill.
  • Added displaying of the movie titles when editing.
  • Revised the mechanism for managing the display of the table columns.
  • Fixed the errors with adding Classic applications.
  • Fixed the nPVR field on the TV channel editing page.
  • Revised the fields for entering dates on the form of adding an event to the schedule.
  • Implemented a deletion confirmation window in the Tariffs section, as well as the closing tab window when resetting packages.
  • Redesigned the interface of the notification window.
  • Implemented the window for the request of a user permission to exit the Import from m3u section.
  • Optimized the request execution time of the assembling of the list of movies in the Video Club.

Ministra Classic

  • Fixed the bug of channel playing in the TimeShift mode when using Stalker DVR.
  • Fixed the bug with choosing the length of the channel recording with a configured nPVR.
  • Changed the format of the TV archive link when using Flussonic DVR.

Smart Launcher Applications

  • Added a new Prime Video Club application.
  • Fixed the function of the Multicast proxy.
  • Added Estonian and Latvian languages.
  • Fixed the focus transition from the List button in the player.


  • Fixed the incorrect displaying of the Pause button in the PIP mode.
  • Added the possibility to record and play channels from the TV archive by pressing the OK button on the remote control.
  • Fixed the bug with the displaying the player control panel over the channel list.

TV Classic

  • Fixed the channel with EPG displaying in the channel list view mode.
  • Fixed the bug with displaying information about the first TV show from the EPG list instead of the current one.

Video club

  • Fixed the bug with displaying duplicate genres when filtering.
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