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v 4.3.4

  • Fixed USB file playback;

  • Fixed saving Favorites in the video club;

v 4.3.3

  • Added a currency rate widget in the main menu;
  • Added an information portal;
  • Added a weather section to the information portal;
  • Added  display current weather in the main menu;
  • Added a section for setting the parent password;

  • Added a sorting in the video club - not ended section;
  • In the video club, the “search” and “ selection” items are grouped into one item called - “Other”;
  • Added the ability to add / delete Favorites in the video club;

  • Added the current time in OSD;
  • Added cleaning of the list when exiting the section and moving through the page;

v 4.3.2

  • Added RTSP / HTTP support for the video club;
  • Added RTSP / HTTP support for Karaoke;
  • Added the ability to create a repository only for moderators;
  • By default, a list with a preview appears in the TV section;

  • Added a preview list when clicking the OK button on the remote control while watching TV;
  • Added possibility to use the nameless button to switch audio tracks and subtitles;
  • OSD displays when using the up / down buttons to switch channels;
  • Fixed error when using the MENU button to hide the menu for switching audio tracks and subtitles;
  • Added forced mount and an error message when an unsuccessful attempt is made while trying to play a movie from an uninstalled storage device;

v 4.3.1

  • Added the ability to play a movie from the movie information section using the OK button on the remote control;
  • Added possibility to switch to the desired channel with numbers in the TV list;
  • Added a  processing power button;
  • Fixed remote channel switching;

  • Fixed a bug when the portal will not  freeze during the download phase;

  • Added support for English localization;

  • Fixed adding screenshots to the movie;

v 4.3.0

  • Added opening the TV section on the last played channel;

  • Fixed the order of the Favorites TV channels when switching channels from the remote control;
  • Added saving the status of enabled TV Favorites;
  • Fixed  rewinding a movie, when after pressing the PLAY button it was played for a few seconds from the previous place;
  • Added  a processing TV button;

  • Added the PAGE +/ - buttons that allows to move to the vertical submenu of the main menu;
  • Increased the font size in the information about the film message;
  • Changed the AJAX request type from POST to GET, which reduced speed of memory leakage;
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