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v 4.4.92

  • Added the ability to run the video club over HTTP;

v 4.4.91

  • Added information in the moderators’ tasks about the film status;

v 4.4.9

  • Fixed the volume slider behavior when reaching boundary positions on content with volume correction;
  • Added the ability to set a reminder on the TV show;
  • Added the ability to select the mode of viewing TV shows - one by one or continuously;
  • Fixed  removing an item from the list of Favorites;
  • In the moderators’ statistics, only the moderators’ tasks are displayed, the Editor sees everything;
  • Added filter special characters in the title of the film;
  • Added a simplified TV Guide section;

  • Added a software update module;

  • Changed the behavior of the CH+/- buttons when in TV preview mode;

v 4.4.82

  • Changed the default brightness, contrast and saturation values;

v 4.4.81

  • Fixed adding movie to Favorites in the video club;

v 4.4.8

  • Fixed a bug that occurs when the STB is disconnected remotely;
  • Fixed the sound correction error when MUTE is on;
  • Added the ability to use the REFRESH button to set the volume to 50% (without correction);

v 4.4.7

  • Added support for compressing gzip XMLTV files;
  • Fixed the error that occurs when pressing the TV button on the remote while a film is on pause;
  • Fixed a bug black screen will no longer appear when  quickly pressing OK in the TV section;
  • Optimized loading the “Tasks” page in the  Administrative portal;

  • Added a TV Guide section;

  • Fixed bug when switching the TV from full-screen to preview mode;

  • Fixed a bug that trying to play an inaccessible http TV channel;
  • Added sound correction for TV and Video Club;

  • Changed the image for the current weather in the main menu;

v 4.4.4

  • Fixed bug when switching favorite channels with numbers;

v 4.4.3

  • Fixed the error that occurred when starting the movie from the beginning;
  • Removed saving the time that the movie stopped in the context of the current page of the list;

v 4.4.2

  • Fixed the error that occurs when pressing EXIT on the channel being played by HTTP;

v 4.4.1

  • Added the ability to disable extra services;
  • Added the option to only  play channels that are on the subscription list;
  • Fixed a bug in Chrome when editing movie information;

  • Fixed a bug that the portal will not stop loading during the first STB loading;
  • Fixed a bug that caused the channel to play in the main menu when exiting the TV section until the list is full;

  • Fixed the line numbering in the input text when searching for films in the storage device;
  • Added localization setting in the portal interface;

v 4.4.0

  • Fixed problem with switching channel numbers in the preview list;

  • Added the “City Reference” section to the information portal;

  • Added the “Horoscopes” section to the information portal;

  • Fixed playing TV channels from the main menu;
  • Added the Anecdotes section in the information portal;
  • In the video club, the default sorting is by adding;

  • Added the game “Bulls and Cows” to the information portal;

  • Disabled initial positioning while watching a series;

  • Storage devices are mounted only when playing;

  • Fixed navigating a USB device;

  • Fixed the behavior of the “USB Device” section when the USB device is disconnected during playback;

  • Added display of the current time in TV preview mode;

  • If there are several video files in the same storage folder - none will be played, except when the files are episodes of the serials;
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