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Do not make any changes to the config.ini file. Make changes to the custom.ini file (you need to create it first in the directory


). This will make upgrading to newer versions more convenient.


Time zone settings. Match the time zone to the server time zone.

default_timezone = Europe/Kiev


Selection of data source.

weather_provider = openweathermap

Default city for the weather when the user connects for the first time. Displays data from See table all_cities , or here.

default_openweathermap_city_id = '698740'

API key, obtained after registration on the site.

openweathermap_appid = ''


Locale by default. If STB has the locale that is not set in allowed_locales ,the system will select the localization in default_locale . Ensure that your system supports these locales e.g. run $locale -a

default_locale = ru_RU.utf8

List of available locales. The user can switch between locales in the localization settings.

allowed_locales[Русский] = ru_RU.utf8
allowed_locales[English] = en_GB.utf8
allowed_locales[Українська] = uk_UA.utf8
allowed_locales[Polski] = pl_PL.utf8
allowed_locales[Ελληνικά] = el_GR.utf8
allowed_locales[Nederlandse] = nl_NL.utf8
allowed_locales[Italiano] = it_IT.utf8
allowed_locales[Deutsch] = de_DE.utf8
allowed_locales[Slovenský] = sk_SK.utf8
allowed_locales[Español] = es_ES.utf8


Connection parameters for the MySQL database.

mysql_host = localhost
mysql_port = 3306
mysql_user = stalker
mysql_pass = 1
db_name = stalker_db

Connection parameters for the MySQL database in reading mode. Use it to work with the cluster when you need to separate the read and write operations on the cluster nodes.

;read_mysql_host = localhost
;read_mysql_port = 3306
;read_mysql_user = stalker
;read_mysql_pass = 1
;read_db_name = stalker_db

Option for reorganizing the physical storage of table data and associated index data to reduce storage space and improve input/output efficiency when accessing the table.

use_optimize_table = true

Disable the caching of the current query results.

query_cache = false

Set modes that control the processing of SQL queries. If true , the sql_mode parameter is set to an empty string for the session, if false - the server value is used.

mysql_unset_sql_mode = false


The address of the server that will be accessed when trying to play a movie with the HTTP protocol. This option replaces the storage server address with its own value.

nfs_proxy = localhost

The option used together with the setting of temporary links for TV channels recommended using an empty value. When adding a TV channel to the administrative interface, set the Temporary HTTP link option, specifying the address of the stream server (with NGINX).

stream_proxy = localhost


The name of the class responsible for connection to the billing system. The class should be in the /server/lib/ .

oss_wrapper = SimpleOssWrapper

The link that automatically downloads the data about STB when the portal is loaded and entered in the Account> Info section. The GET parameter the MAC address of the set-top box.

oss_url =''

Response format:

      "fname":"Arnold Schwarzenegger",

The strict check of the OSS URL.

strict_oss_url_check = true

The address of the authorization script. GET-parameters transmits MAC, login, and password.

;auth_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/auth_every_load.php

Arranging access to portal by login and password.

auth_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/auth_simple.php

Disable authorization for specified STB models.

 ;disable_auth_for_models = AuraHD9

Events that occur when subscribing/unsubscribing to a tariff plan.

;on_subscribe_hook_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/on_subscribe.php
;on_unsubscribe_hook_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/on_subscribe.php

Response format, allowing the subscription.


Enable subscriptions.

enable_subscription = true

Enable tariff plans.

enable_tariff_plans = true

An option to display TV channels in the user interface that are not included in the tariff plan.

show_unsubscribed_tv_channels = true

Enable the ability to change subscriptions for the user from the STB in the Account section.

allow_subscription_from_stb = true

Enable subscriptions in the tariff plans.

enable_tv_subscription_for_tariff_plans = true

Enable the ability to specify the validity period of the subscription in the user settings in the administrative panel.

enable_internal_billing = true

Sending a notification to the user about the approaching disconnect date from the service.

; enable "enable_internal_billing" and set number of days to send a message, e.g. number_of_days_to_send_message = 5
; for disable this option set - false 
number_of_days_to_send_message = true

Allows you to disable advertising in the Video club.

option_services[] = disable_vclub_ad

Allows you to disable impressions of advertising provided by Adtelligent company.

option_services[] = disable_ad

Allows you to display TV channels in the user interface that are not included in your tariff plan. You can not view the channels.

option_services[] = show_unsubscribed_tv_channels

Allow you to disable the v3 API for different types of devices.

option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_stb
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_android_stb
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_android
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_ios
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_smarttv
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_mediaplayer
option_services[] = disable_apiv3_for_pc

Allows you to configure the automatic issuing of keys in the tariff plan.

option_services[] = activation_code_auto_issue

Enable the ability to issue the advanced keys when the standard has run out.

give_out_advanced_keys_if_standard_keys_has_ended = true

Store access_token on the STB in /mnt/Userfs/data/stalker_XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

store_auth_data_on_stb = true

Displaying channels in the TV application in the order in which they are added to the package.

;It works only with the enabled option 'enable_numbering_in_order'
order_itv_channel_as_adding = false

The link to pay for services is displayed in the Account> Payment section.

;external_payment_page_url = ''

Displaying a link to registration in the authorization window on the portal.

;registration_url = ''

Sorting modules according to their order in the tariff.

enable_modules_order_by_package = false

A unique username that is replaced with the last 5 characters of the MAC address.

unique_login = true 


Modules enabled by default.

all_modules[] = media_browser
all_modules[] = tv
all_modules[] = apps
all_modules[] = dvb
all_modules[] = tv_archive
all_modules[] = time_shift
all_modules[] = time_shift_local
all_modules[] = epg.reminder
all_modules[] = epg.recorder
all_modules[] = epg
all_modules[] = epg.simple
all_modules[] = vclub
all_modules[] = audioclub
all_modules[] = downloads_dialog
all_modules[] = downloads
all_modules[] = karaoke
all_modules[] = radio
all_modules[] = magiccast
all_modules[] = weather.current
all_modules[] =
all_modules[] =
all_modules[] = records
all_modules[] = remotepvr
all_modules[] = pvr_local
all_modules[] = settings
all_modules[] = course.widget
all_modules[] =
all_modules[] = cityinfo
all_modules[] = horoscope
all_modules[] = anecdote
all_modules[] = game.mastermind
all_modules[] = account
all_modules[] = demo
all_modules[] = infoportal
all_modules[] = internet
all_modules[] = service_management
all_modules[] = logout
all_modules[] = account_menu

Disabled modules that you can add to the tariff plans.

disabled_modules[] = vclub
disabled_modules[] = karaoke
disabled_modules[] = cityinfo
disabled_modules[] = horoscope
disabled_modules[] = anecdote
disabled_modules[] = game.mastermind
disabled_modules[] = infoportal


Portal address.

portal_url = /stalker_portal/

The path to the folder with movie screenshots for the Video Club. It is possible to specify a remote server, for example,

screenshots_url = /stalker_portal/screenshots/
screenshots_path = screenshots/

The path to the applications folder.

apps_path = stalker_apps/
launcher_apps_path = stalker_launcher_apps/
launcher_apps_base_metapackage = ministra-apps-base
launcher_apps_extra_metapackages[] = stalker-apps-extra

Enable launcher by default. If the value is empty, then the first set launcher on the list from the meta package is enabled. Available values: magcore-launcher , magcore-launcher-prime .

default_launcher_apps_launcher = magcore-launcher

The root directory on the server where the Ministra Web Player files are located:

web_player_server_path = player/

Specify a package that implements Ministra Web Player. It can be set manually or obtained from the meta package.

web_player_app_url = ministra-desktop-player

The npm registry.

npm_registry =

The path to the directory into which you can put the classic interface customization files.

;customization_path = /var/www/customization/

Maximum number of modules in the portal.

max_page_items = 14

If the parameter is true , the main menu is loaded, if the parameter is false the last viewed channel is loaded.

display_menu_after_loading = false

A reference to the process that runs as a background process.

daemon_api_url = http://localhost:3000/


stalker_api_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/api/

"Strict" verification of the STB model for Aura HD. If false , when you specify AuraHD in  allowed_stb_types all AuraHD models will fit this model. If true , in allowed_stb_types you need to specify the STB model.

strict_stb_type_check = false 

Access delimitation based on the STB model.

;allowed_stb_types = MAG200,MAG245,MAG245D,MAG250,MAG254,MAG255,MAG256,MAG257,MAG260,MAG270,MAG275,MAG322,MAG323,MAG324,MAG324C,MAG325,MAG349,MAG350,MAG351,MAG352,MAG424,MAG424А,MAG425,AuraHD,WR320,IM2100,IM2101,IM4410

Configure the proxy server on the server with the portal.

;Middleware server http proxy
;http_proxy = tcp://
;http_proxy_login = login
;http_proxy_password = password

Configure the proxy server for the STB.

;STB http proxy
;stb_http_proxy_host =
;stb_http_proxy_port = 3128
;stb_http_proxy_user = ''
;stb_http_proxy_pass = ''
;stb_http_proxy_exclude_list = ' 192.168.1.*'

The link for the STB's auto-update. The link is displayed in the portal in the Settings → Software update → Update URL.

; Image update http url. http://update_url/[200|250|aurahd]/imageupdate
update_url = ''

The operator key is a unique identifier that is issued once and used to bind the service to the operator.

operator_key = ''

Timeout between requests to check the availability of the portal by STB. Set between 30 and 300.

watchdog_timeout = 120

If the parameter is true - checks the availability of the server certificates, false - disable check.

certificate_server_health_check = true

Administrator's mail.

;administrator_email = root@localhost

Enable error logging in the stream_error table. The table recorded logs of the event when one of the following happens:

  • The player reached the end of the media content;
  • The player detected a discontinuity of the stream;
  • When the error occurred during opening the content: content not found on the server or connection with the server was rejected.
enable_stream_error_logging = true

Enable loss logging in the stream. The stream_error table will collect information about losses in rtp stream.

enable_stream_losses_logging = true

Graphic resolution limitation for MAG200.

deny_720p_gmode_on_mag200 = true

Enable logging of clones of MAC-addresses. The log appears in /var/log/stalkerd/mac_clone_error.log

log_mac_clones = true

Enable the "Connection problem" error indication.

enable_connection_problem_indication = true

Checking the MAC address validity.

enable_mac_format_validation = true

[Exchange Rate]

One currency rate source that is used for the currency rate widget.

course_provider = nbu

Currency rates are updated in accordance with the schedule specified in the cron file. You can specify several sources:

  • for hryvnia - nbu, minfin, bankua;
  • for the ruble - cbr.

Currency codes: 840 - USD, 978 - EUR, 980 - UAH, 643 - RUB.

course_providers_for_update[nbu] = 840, 978, 643 
;course_providers_for_update[bankua] = 840, 978, 643
;course_providers_for_update[minfin] = 840, 978, 643
;course_providers_for_update[cbr] = 840, 978, 980

The API key that you need to get when using the minfin source through the link

course_providers_options[minfin] = 'minFin-api-key'

When the option is enabled, you can export the playlist to the m3u file in the browser by the link /stalker_portal/server/tools/m3u.php

enable_m3u_file = true

The default value for the HDMI event, the user can change it in Settings.

enable_hdmi_events_handler = true

Enable/disable standby mode.

standby_on_hdmi_off = true

Restricting access to the portal for all new STBs. 1 - to enable all new STBs, 0 - to disable.

;default_stb_status = 1

Enable the formation of a temporary link for timeshift.

enable_timeshift_tmp_link = false

The time in seconds after which the player will switch to full-screen mode if the channel is launched in the preview mode.

plasma_saving_timeout = 600

Checking device_id validity. The enabled option allows you to check the integrity of information about the STB.

enable_device_id_validation = true

Enable the welcome message when you first start the application.

enable_welcome_message = true

The interval in seconds between requests for updated EPG from users is specified.

Enable displaying date and time in the message by send_msg event.

display_send_time_in_message = true

Enabling authorization through billing. Data inclusion of STB in the database before the oss_url script processing.

init_device_before_auth = true

Enable log in to the account with a password ( users.parent_password ).

account_page_by_password = false

Setting of user log storage duration, in days.

user_log_ttl = 1

Ability to disable the logging of user actions.

disable_user_log = true

Deleting event data that ended ( events.eventtime ) more than N days ago. Specified in days.

events_messages_ttl = 14

Disable the portal, set the status Off for all users in the database. The message "The portal is temporarily unavailable." Please try again later " will display on the TV screen.

disable_portal = true

Adjusting the brightness level of the LED-indication in normal mode (%).

default_led_level = 10

Adjusting the brightness level of the LED-indication in standby mode (%).

standby_led_level = 90

Displaying the portal logo with size 200x100px in the upper left corner of the screen during boot. Example: /stalker_portal/c/template/logo.png

;portal_logo_url = http://...

Enable displaying of the portal version in the lower right corner of the main menu.

show_version_in_main_menu = true

Enable SSL-certificate checking while playing back HTTPS streams.

check_ssl_certificate = true

Enable/disable YouTube module in MAG200 STB.

disable_youtube_for_mag200 = true

Optimizing the portal load.

enable_supermodule = false

Managing the permission to automatically add STBs to the database.

auto_add_stb = true

The caching time in seconds for the sidebar in the administrative panel for each operator, depending on the rights.

admin_panel_sidebar_cache_time = 1800

Allow log recording for the Ministra to /stalker_portal/logs/ministra_<date>.log

ministra_enable_log = false

Enable debug for the administrative panel. If an error occurs, when the option is enabled, the resulted errors in the code and description of the error will display under the message "Oops, looks like something went wrong".

admin_panel_debug = true

Allow log recording for the administrative panel to /stalker_portal/admin/logs .

admin_panel_debug_log = true

The default NTP server address.

stb_ntp_server =

Forced change of the address in case of a mismatch with the default address on the STB.

overwrite_stb_ntp_server = true

Timeout for synchronizing the time on the STB before loading the portal.

ntp_wait_timeout = 60


Timeout in seconds for getting information about advertising.

ad_vast_read_timeout = 5


Enable the REST API for the TV archive, PVR and integration of billing systems.

enable_api = false

Enable SOAP API for billing systems.

enable_soap_api = false

Login and password for HTTP authentication for accessing API resources.

;api_auth_login = stalker
;api_auth_password = secret_pass

Enable logging of requests to API resources.

enable_api_log = true

The maximum time allowed in seconds to execute a query.

rest_client_timeout = 3

The number of seconds to wait when trying to connect. Endless waiting - 0 .

rest_client_connection_timeout = 1

MAC and serial number verification parameters for login through API v3. If the MAC/serial number is different, the device will not be logged.

oauth_force_mac_check = false
oauth_force_serial_number_check = false

Token life time setting for OAuth.

oauth_token_expire = 86400

Binds the authorization of the STB (classic interface) and API v3 authorization. If true

, only one device on the account can be online. If false , simultaneous operation of the different STBs with the classic interface and with the API v3 is possible.

bind_stb_auth_and_oauth = true

Setting for the SOAP API.

wsdl_uri = http://localhost/stalker_portal/api/soap.php?wsdl

The setting applies to API v1. By default, it is forbidden to update the data of all users, for example, to disable all STBs without specifying their identifiers.

allow_multiple_stb_update = false


Timeout after which the STB will switch into standby mode ( false / 1 ... n (in hours)).

enable_playback_limit = false

List of MAC addresses of STBs for which the playback limit does not work.

;playback_limit_whitelist[] = ''

Graphical display ofchannelbuffering.

enable_buffering_indication = false

Enable the ability to control the volume level by arrow keys on the remote control.

enable_arrow_keys_setpos = false 

Subtitles are always turned on. Subtitles display automatically only when they are embedded into the stream.

 always_enabled_subtitles = false

Increasing the interval before attempting to playback the channel.

fading_tv_retry_timeout = true

Fast start for HLS streams.

hls_fast_start = true


Setting default access server type after each start of the portal. 0 – not set; 1 – Verimatrix; 2 – SecureMedia, 4-10 – custom CAS plugin with the corresponding number.

;cas_type = 0

CAS server URL.

;cas_params[server_addr] =

CAS server port.

;cas_params[server_port] = 80

Name of the company under which this operator is registered on the CAS server.

;cas_params[company_name] = ""

Operator identifier used by STB. If op_id is equal to -1, the value is not updated. Allowed value: 1..255.

;cas_params[op_id] = 1

Level of error. 0 – minimal level. If error Level equals to -1, it is not updated. Allowed value: 1..5.

;cas_params[error_level] = 0

CAS web server URL.

;cas_web_params[server_addr] =

Name of the company under which this operator is registered on CAS web server.

;cas_web_params[company_name] = ""

Setting additional CAS parameters. More detailed information on configuring additional parameters is described in the STB JS API documentation.

;cas_additional_params[param1] = "value1"
;cas_additional_params[param2] = "value2"

Setting a hard or soft mode of descrambling.

At present, the use of the function is expedient only for CAS Verimatrix.

Depending on the mode set, the player can descramble only the streams scrambled by the following algorithm:

  • Soft mode: RC4, AES
  • Hard mode: AES, DVB-CSA
;cas_hw_descrambling = 0

Loading CAS settings from the set file. The value is the URL of the settings file in the root file system.

;cas_ini_file = file:///


Play the content from RTSP-server. Allowed value: 1..7.

Supported RTSP-server type:

0 - RTSP server based on VLC;

1 - BitBand RTSP server;

2 - Kasenna RTSP server;

3 - ARRIS (C-COR) RTSP server;

4 - Live555 RTSP server;

5 - ZTE RTSP server;

6 - Netup RTSP server;

7- Elecard RTSP server.

The server types 3,4,5,6 are supported only for MAG200.

rtsp_type = 4

Control flags:

1 - switch on the keep-alive mode;

2 - determination of the stream end by the field x-notice in the message ANNOUNCE from the server;

4 - determination of the stream end by the field x-notice in the answer to GET_PARAMETER;

8 - determination of the stream end after a period of time of the video stream from the server absence;

16 (0x10) - determination of the stream end by the fieldaccordingtothefieldrtptimesentintheRTP heading of the package (Only for the mode of sending video under RTP);

32 (0x20) - Use UDP transport to send video.

64 (0x40) - use RTP transport over RTSP connection.

Allowed value: 0..0x3f.

rtsp_flags = 0


Service settings of caching for storages, measured in hours.

master_cache_expire = 365

The number of errors before storage is automatically turned off.

max_storage_failures = 3

The period in seconds for which errors are counted.

storage_stat_period = 300


Hides the media information of inactive STBs.

hide_media_info_for_offline_stb = false

The service to which redirection will be performed when you click on the user's IP address in the administrative panel.

geo_ip_lookup_service = geoiptool

Possible values: geoiptool - redirect to, geoip -, ipapi -, ip-api - If none of the proposed options is specified, the redirection will not be performed.

Adding the ability to set a range of IP addresses. See more here.

allow_resellers_ip_ranges = true

Allow the display of information about the reseller in the Account section when a user requests to the billing API v1.

allow_resellers_info_for_api = false 

The time during which the service will be available to a user with an incorrect IP, by default 300 seconds. If the user's IP address does not match the specified in the administrative panel, after the set time, the user will be denied access to the services. For details on how to set the range of IP addresses for the reseller, see here.

user_wrong_ip_timeout = 300


The maximum recording duration at one time nPVR, in minutes.

record_max_length = 180

Total maximum nPVR recording duration for one user.

total_records_length = 600

The list of allowable models of STBs for the operation of PVR (USB).

allowed_stb_types_for_local_recording = MAG245, MAG245D, MAG250, MAG254, MAG255, MAG256, MAG257, MAG270, MAG260, MAG275, MAG322, MAG323, MAG324, MAG324C, MAG325, MAG349, MAG350, MAG351, MAG352, MAG424, MAG424А, MAG425, AuraHD, WR320, IP_STB_HD, IM2100, IM2101, IM4410

Maximum number of PVR (USB) recordings.

max_local_recordings = 10


The default value for the number of hours a channel is recorded when it is created or added. 1 piece corresponds to 1 hour.

tv_archive_parts_number = 168

Period of time in minutes in which duration of the recorded playback from the TV archive will increase.

;tv_archive_playback_overlap = 5
;tv_archive_playback_overlap_start = 5

Switch to the next video after the end of playing the current video from the TV archive.

tv_archive_continued = false

Specifying a type of media content.

tv_archive_player_solution = ffmpeg


Graphic display of broadcast quality and activation of the filter to switch the quality of the stream (F4).

enable_tv_quality_filter = false

Numbering of channels in order, regardless of the numbering in the administrative panel.

enable_numbering_in_order = false

Display channels for adults in the general list.

show_adult_tv_channels_in_common_list = true

Invert of channel switch direction.

invert_channel_switch_direction = false

Play a TV channel in the preview mode by clicking the OK button.

play_in_preview_only_by_ok = false

Display empty categories of TV channels.

show_empty_tv_category = true

Display the TV channel logo in the info panel.

show_tv_channel_logo = true

Check the link to a channel even if you do not use a temporary link.

force_ch_link_check = false

The lifetime in seconds of the temporary link for the TV channel.

tv_tmp_link_ttl = 5

In the sorting option Only HD is added.

show_tv_only_hd_filter_option = false

Variable of the key for the securelinknginx (secret word).

nginx_secure_link_secret = supersecret

The lifetime in seconds of the secure link. The possible parameters for generating md5-hash: "$secret", "$uri", "$secure_link_expires", "$remote_addr" . For example "$secure_link_expires$uri$remote_addr $secret"

nginx_secure_link_ttl = 5

Formation rule of nginx secure links.

nginx_secure_link_order = "$secret$uri$secure_link_expires"

Displaying the TV channel logo in preview mode.

show_channel_logo_in_preview = false

Display the PVR icon.

show_tv_channel_pvr_icon = true

The mode of the TV channel playback window. Globally for the first time the new set-top box is switched on.

; fit, big, opt, exp, cmb
tv_channel_default_aspect = fit

In the TV categories, the Channels with PVR section appears.

show_pvr_filter_in_genres_list = false


Parameters for setting the Wowza SecureToken.

use_named_wowza_token = false

For more details on how to protect streaming using the SHA-256 algorithm, see here.

wowza_securetoken_shared_secret = "xyzSharedSecret"
wowza_securetoken_query_prefix = wowzatoken

Time to live in seconds. 0 - disabled end time.

wowza_securetoken_tv_endtime = 0
wowza_securetoken_vod_endtime = 0
wowza_securetoken_include_client_ip = false


The time during which the EPG will be stored in the database.

epg_history_weeks = 1

The option that allows you to change the amount, in hours, of EPG data downloaded by STBs (except MAG200).

epg_data_block_period_for_stb = 5


Specify links to videos with a demonstration. To play videos from the main menu, press the Info button on the remote control.

; demo_video_url = ''
; example parts: vclub, tv, media_browser, infoportal_sub, settings_sub ...
; demo_part_video_url[vclub] = ''
; demo_part_video_url[tv] = ''


Accessibility Video club for MAG100.

vclub_mag100_filter = false

Display Kinopoisk rating.

kinopoisk_rating = true

In the sorting, the option "Purchased" is added.

show_purchased_filter = false

Display movies for adults in the common list of films.

show_adult_movies_in_common_list = true

Displaying low quality video icon.

enable_video_low_quality_option = false

Activation of the "Coming Soon" section.

enable_coming_soon_section = false

The lifetime in seconds of the temporary link.

vclub_tmp_link_ttl = 5

The lifetime ofthenginxsecurelink.

vclub_nginx_tmp_link_ttl = 7200

Display empty categories.

show_empty_vclub_category = true


Source of the horoscope. For example,

horoscope_rss =


URL for the speed test.

;test_download_url = ''


Settings for the MTR test.

mtr_report_cycles = 210
mtr_hostnames[] = ''


The address ofthememcacheserver.

memcache_host = localhost


Press SET to go to the settings of the STB of the internal portal.

enable_service_button = false

Protect settings with a password.

enable_setting_access_by_pass = false

Allowing the setting of a launcher as a template in the STB settings.

enable_launcher_in_theme_settings = true

Modules of portal settings (for customizing the settings menu).


module[] = lock
module[] = setting_lock
module[] = lang
module[] = update
module[] = net_info
    net_info[] = wired
    net_info[] = pppoe
    net_info[] = wireless
    net_info[] = speed
    net_info[] = traceroute
module[] = video
module[] = audio
module[] = playback
module[] = net
module[] = portal
    net[] = ethernet
        ethernet[] = dhcp
        ethernet[] = dhcp_manual
        ethernet[] = manual
        ethernet[] = no_ip
    net[] = pppoe
        pppoe[] = dhcp
        pppoe[] = dhcp_manual
        pppoe[] = disable
    net[] = wifi
        wifi[] = dhcp
        wifi[] = dhcp_manual
        wifi[] = manual
module[] = remote_control
module[] = advanced
module[] = time_shift
module[] = servers
module[] = dvb
module[] = dev_info
module[] = reload
module[] = internal_portal
module[] = reboot


Select the source for autocomplete (TMDb or Kinopoisk).

vclub_info_provider = kinopoisk

The default language in search queries for TMDb. For example, RU - Russian, EN - English, FR - French. An empty value sets the current interface language of the search language.

vclub_default_lang =

If you use TMDb instead of Kinopoisk for autofill, then you need to get a new API key at

tmdb_api_key = '7a7520e999f5e01cd8df64f0647754fd'

Auxiliary service for getting the API-key for TMDb service, which is used in case TMDb services are unavailable. You can get the key by the link:

omdb_api_key = 

Content Delivery Networks

Settings for different broadcast servers.




Register here and create pull-zone.

max_cdn_pull_zone_url = ''




AKAMAI_KEY = ace5f0516926a7cf62886462


NIMBLE_KEY = defaultpassword


Code word to run License key clearing.


SSH tunnel configuration for clear license keys utility. Uncomment and fill needed configuration if your MySQL port differs from 3306.

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