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Simple authorization

It is possible to arrange access to portal for new STB by login and password. For this:

  1. In custom.ini add string

    auth_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/auth_simple.php
  2. In Admin-Interface in Users > Add add user, it's enough to set only login (unique) and password. Field MAC address leave empty.

While first loading STB to portal, the authorization window will appear. After successful authorization, MAC address of STB will bind to login you entered, and further loading STB won't need authorization.

Authorization with key

For this it is necessary to:

  1. In custom.ini add next

    auth_url = http://localhost/stalker_portal/server/tools/auth_every_load.php
  2. In admin interface users > add - add user, it is enough ti specify login (unique) and password. MAC address field should be empty.

Access to portal organization by login&password. Portal admin creates login/password and provide them to user. While first loading there will be authorization window which request login&password. After successful authorization new key will be generating which is based on lgin&password. This key is stored on STB, which will validates while next portal loading. If the same login&password will be used for another STB than previous one will be un-authorized automatically.

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