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System description

Monitoring system allows to check efficiency of TV channels and automatically turn off them if the problems occurs. If in further there will no problems occur, then the channel will be automatically turn on.

The system - is the list of scripts, which are in /stalker_portal/monitoring/. Those scripts do not depend on the other portal parts and can be copied in other directory or server/servers.

Those scripts allow to manage monitoring. For example, relocate monitoring to another server or run it on the separate servers with specified channels range.

Scripts configuration

It is necessary to edit API_URL in (if it is not the same) and add the task to cron with necessary time period (for example, from 2 to 10 minutes).

Parameter PART in can be with the next values:

  • 1/1 - all channels
  • 1/2 - the first part
  • 2/2 - the second part

Any combinations can be used.

  • directory for monitoring's temporary URLS (dump of the channel) is in parameter TMP_DIR.
  • TIMEOUT is parameter, which shows the duration of one channel monitoring. If the temporary file was not created during this time, then the URL do not work.

If you use a streamer different from Flussonic, then vlc player must be installed on the server where monitoring script runs. 
By default, vlc utility allows to run itself by normal user only, therefore the script should run not under super-user using cron.

Channel configuring

Simple monitoring

In this case it is enough to turn on “Enable monitoring”. If this option is turned on then the filed for monitoring URL will be available. This field is needed for “Temporary HTTP URL” option, for example. If this field is empty, then the URL for playing will be used. To get more information about how to set the channel accessibility monitoring in the admin panel, click here .

Example 1. Multicast monitoring

For multicast monitoring it is enough to turn on “Enable monitoring” option and be sure that multicast is available on the server.

Example 2. Channel with temporary URL monitoring

In case, if the channel with temporary URL is used - it is necessary to specify multicast or HTTP URL in “Channel's URL for monitoring” field. Access to direct URL can be restricted by firewall from monitoring server only.

Monitoring with load balancing using

beggining from 4.8.58 version there is opportunity to monitor all available channel if the option “load balancing” is turned on. If the monitoring and “load balancing” options are turned on then “Balancer monitoring” can be turned on too. This option allows to monitor the channel on every streaming servers.

The principle:

  1. The value of the “Channel URL for monitoring” field is taking as main URL. If it is empty, then the URL for playing is used.
  2. In this URL the part from :/ / to the next / can be changed to “Address” field of every streaming servers and will be checked with monitoring system.

Colored indication of monitoring result is located on the server in load balancing option.

Temporary URLs and load balancing monitoring

Such functionaltiy appears beginning from 4.8.58 version.

The principle is the same scheme as load balancing monitoring. Exception is the part from :/ / to / or : to “address” field of every streaming server are changed for monitoring.

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