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This option is applied for MAG250 only.

Starting with version 0.2.10, it is possible to install the splash screen at the time the application is launched. Depending on the graphics resolution in the file system directory /home/default searches a file:
  • splash-720×480.png for NTSC
  • splash-720×576.png for PAL
  • splash-1280×720.png for 720p
  • splash-1920×1080.png for 1080i/p

These files can be placed in the file system directory /home/default at the time of making the image.

Installing from USB-Flash

To install the screensaver will need four files, one for each screen resolution.

File Formats:

splash-1280×720.png splash-1920×1080.png splash-720×480.png splash-720×576.png
  1. Preparing Files.
  2. Copy files to USB Flash.
  3. Connect the USB-Flash to the STB. (New versions of software Flash-Drive mounted automatically).
  4. Login to the STB on ssh.
  5. Change directory to mounted USB-Flash, in the new versions of software: /media/USB-…device name…
  6. Copy the saver files in the directory /home/default

  7. Reboot STB.
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