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Sample of standard logo “MAG” (compressed by zip):

Image Documentation logo_mag_new (zip)

Logo preparation

To change the logo picture to be displayed at STB starting you need two files:

1. Your logo - created according to the requirements.
2.Script of logo installation - file (zip) (compressed by zip).

Requirements for logo file

Valid formats and maximum resolution of image file with logo for different STB models are as follows:

MAG-200 bmp 8Bit (max.res. 720×576) 16Bit 565RGB (max.res. 720×576) 24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 48KB
MAG-250/254 bmp
16Bit 565RGB (max.res. 720×576) 24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 64KB
MAG-256 bmp

24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 1280×720) max.size gzip 256KB
MAG-322/324/351 bmp

24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 256KB

The file can be compressed with gzip:

OS Linux:

gzip -S .gz  logo.bmp

OS MS Windows:

For compression in the gzip archive, you can use the 7-Zip archiver.

The size of the file after compression must not exceed the value (max.size gzip) specified in the table!

Installing logo from USB-drive

Options for installing

There are two options for installing the logo from the USB-drive:

  1. By the command of System Recovery Utility menu. The option is available for STB model MAG-256/3xx.
  2. By the manual running the script directly from the STB root file system. Access to the file system is via the SSH protocol. The option is available for all models of STB.

Required files

To install the logo you will need two files:

1. Logo file (see requirements).
2. Logo installation script. The following are the logo installation script files for different STB models:


The logo installation script files are packed with the zip archiver.

Installing logo from the System Recovery Utility menu

STB models which uses the menu System Recovery Utility (MAG-256/3xx) the logo installation script can be run from System Recovery Utility menu:

Upgrade ToolsSet LogotypeUsing USB.

The required archived files (logo and script) should be previously located on the USB-drive, in the mag<model> directory, where <model> is the number of the basic STB model (256, 322, 324, 349, 351,...).

Installing logo manually through the SSH protocol

1. Edit (if it is needed) the file . Set the logo allocation (the coordinates of upper-left corner), background color and text color. If the coordinates (0, 0), the logo is centered;

2. Copy to USB-drive into a single directory (for example, with name: logotype) next files: and logo.bmp.gz ;

3. Plug the USB-drive to the STB (In the new versions of software USB-Drive mounts in the STB's file system automatically);

4. Connect to the STB via ssh;

5. Go to the directory media/USB-…/logotype

cd /media/USB-.../logotype

6. Run the script file:


7. Wait until the end of the procedure;

8. Reboot STB and when loading, check the display of the installed logo.

Installing logo from DHCP/TFTP server

Discription how to install logo from DHCP/TFTP server is given in DHCP server configuration. Loading and updating STB software.

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