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While application starts option referrer will be transfered. In this option you can set what URL to use after exit application.

For correct return from page transition to application is necessary to use parameter referrer.

While loading application in GET, referrer is automaticly added (it will contain url encoded address that will be used on exit from application).

For using referrer there is a need to decode it in first place (function decodeURIComponent)

Application start:

Decoded referer in this example is

Method of getting GET parametrs:

var _GET = (function(){

  var url = window.location.href;

  var x = url.indexOf('?');

  var get = {};

  if (x!=-1){

      var l = url.length;

      url= url.substr(x+1, l-x);

      l = url.split('&');

      x = 0;

      for(var i in l){

          if (l.hasOwnProperty(i)){

              url= l[i].split('=');

              get[url[0]] = decodeURIComponent(url[1]);






  return get;

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