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PublicImage - STB software image which is signed with standard “public key” - STB_PUBLIC.
Updating variants: Starting from 0.2.14-r8 updates from embedded portal via HTTP or USB to manufacturer STB software version only, (STB software versions that were built by the manufacturer and provided for automatic and manual updates by manufacturer's URL).
From Booloader / System Recovery menu can be updated to PublicImage or CustomImage.
The factory version of the public image (imageupdate), signed with the standard public key STB_PUBLIC, is laid out in the catalog with current release of the basic STB models, at the following address:

Image making steps

1. Prepare required files according to items 1,3,4 of the section Operators Utilities and instructions for building STB software image.

2. Public key is used, which is in operator utilities. Pefrorm next:

gpg --import stb_secbin.key

3. Sign the kernel with public key. Perform next:


4. Make assembling imageupdate :

./ 218 "Test_test" ../../rootfs MAG254 ./img_make.profile.mag254

5. Update STB

 Note!!! Publicimage can be installed on STB only from Bootloader / System Recovery Utility menu.

Example of making PublicImage

  Example of making PublicImage for MAG-254
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# cat /etc/issue
 Ubuntu 14.04.1 LTS \n \l
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# uname -a
 Linux localhost 3.13.0-39-generic #66-Ubuntu SMP Tue Oct 28 13:31:23 UTC 2014 i686 i686 i686 GNU/Linux
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# wget
 Saving to: ‘operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254.tar.gz’
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# wget
 Saving to: ‘vmlinux.bin.mag254’
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# wget
 Saving to: ‘rootfs-0.2.18r7.tar.gz’
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# tar -zxf rootfs-0.2.18r7.tar.gz 
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# tar -zxf operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254.tar.gz 
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# mv vmlinux.bin.mag254 operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254/images/
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test# cd operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254/
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# cat img_make.profile.mag254
 #    Kernel's file system
 export KERNEL_PATH=./uImzlib_mag254.img
 #    File name for enviroment variable
 export ENV_VARIABLE_PATH=./images/env_mag254.txt
 #    Userfs
 export USERFS_PATH=./images/userfs.img
 #    File name for SecondBoot
 export SECONDBOOT_PATH=./images/SbootIm_mag254
 #    File name for Logotype
 export LOGOTYPE_PATH=./images/logo.bmp.gz
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# gpg --import stb_secbin.key
 gpg: key 6BEED1ED: secret key imported
 gpg: key 6BEED1ED: public key "STB_PUBLIC (Public key!!)" imported
 gpg: Total number processed: 1
 gpg:               imported: 1  (RSA: 1)
 gpg:       secret keys read: 1
 gpg:   secret keys imported: 1
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# export MAG200_OP_KEY=STB_PUBLIC
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# ./
 File vmlinux.sign create - successfully!!!
 Image Name:   MAG254 SH4 Kernel Linux 2.6.17
 Created:      Fri Nov  7 10:39:35 2014
 Image Type:   SuperH Linux Kernel Image (gzip compressed)
 Data Size:    3244259 Bytes = 3168.22 kB = 3.09 MB
 Load Address: 0x80800000
 Entry Point:  0x80801000
 File uImzlib_mag254.img create - successfully!!!
 root@localhost:~/218-r7-test/operators_utils_new_mag200_mag250_mag254# ./ 218 "test" ../rootfs-0.2.18r7 MAG254 ./img_make.profile.mag254
 Make rootfs image ../rootfs-0.2.18r7
 Append digital signature MAG200_OP_KEY=STB_PUBLIC
 File ./sumsubfsnone.img.sign create - successfully!!!
 gpg (GnuPG) 1.4.16
 Copyright (C) 2013 Free Software Foundation, Inc.
 License GPLv3+: GNU GPL version 3 or later <>
 This is free software: you are free to change and redistribute it.
 There is NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by law. 
 Home: ~/.gnupg
 Supported algorithms:
 Pubkey: RSA, RSA-E, RSA-S, ELG-E, DSA
 Hash: MD5, SHA1, RIPEMD160, SHA256, SHA384, SHA512, SHA224
 Compression: Uncompressed, ZIP, ZLIB, BZIP2
 File result:./imageupdate
 Create section "Kernel size:" and append file ./uImzlib_mag254.img.
 Create section "Image  size:" and append file ./sumsubfsnone.img.sign.
 Create section "Env size:" and append file ./images/env_mag254.txt.
 Create section "Userfs size:" and append file ./images/userfs.img.
 Create section "Logotype  size:" and append file ./images/logo.bmp.gz.
 File ./imageupdate create - successfully!!!
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