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Update Phases

The upgrade process includes next steps:
1. Checking for updates on the update server. STB supports manual update mode (by the command of the user) or automatically one for the following events:

  • when STB is turned on;
  • when STB is rebooted;
  • In the normal operation mode - by the auto-update timer (once per day).

2. Uploading a new version of the software image to the persistent storage.
3. Installation of a new Firmware (steps: switching to update mode, updating in Recovery, rebooting).

MAG Updater utility

To update the firmware, MAG Updater utility is used.

To check the firmware version, proceed to the Settings / About menu, where you can see the Android OS version, Android Security Patch level, and STB firmware build version. To check the new version release of the STB firmware you should use the Check update command. To access the update settings menu via  Launcher proceed to Settings / About / System update.

Update Modes

The update mode is set in the Update mode menu of the MAG Updater utility. The Updater supports the following modes:

  • Automatic mode: If the update is available, Updater prompts you to update the software and starts the timer (20 seconds). If the selection (Update or Cancel) is not performed before the timer expires, it automatically proceeds to download and install procedures. If it canceled, the Updater window would be displayed at the next update check.
  • Semi-automatic mode: If an update is available, Updater prompts you to update the software but the timer is not used. In the Updater window, the update mode could be switched to Manual.
  • Manual: update checking procedure is started only by the user's command.

Updating process details

If an update is detected but the update process is not started, an update notification will be displayed in the STB Main Menu. The notification will be displayed until an update is performed (in automatic or manual mode). When you click on the notification field, the STB goes to the update mode setting window, where the manual update could be performed.

Information about the software update process and download progress is displayed in the Updater window.

If the updater fails to connect to the update server (for some reason), Updater will prompt you that the update is not available.

If the installation of the new software version is interrupted (for example, due to a power failure), an alarm event will be sent to the system log.

After the update downloaded successfully, the device will be automatically rebooted and the update from the Recovery menu will be installed. After that device will be rebooted again.

Manual Update

1. Go to Settings / About / System update.
2. Select Check for Update.
3. If the update is available, the system will offer a short information note about the new version. To start downloading the Update should be clicked.
4. Further, the system works in an automatic mode: downloading the update, verifying, rebooting in Recovery, installing the update, restarting the STB and loading in the operating mode.

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