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MAGic Launcher

  • Added the ability to search using five search systems of sites Google, Amazon, eBay, IMDb, Wikipedia.

MAGic Files

  • Added the ability to work with Samba v3.2 and below.
  • Added the ability to work with Mac OS using Samba.

Ministra Player

  • Added FFMPEG engine.
  • Added bitmap-subtitles support.

MAGic Cast

  • Fixed bug when trying to open a link from YouTube.
  • Fixed error, associated with the display of the device-ID, that occurs when the application is launched for the first time.

MAGic Browser

  • Added integration with MAGic Launcher for search using five search engines of sites Google, Amazon, eBay, IMDb, Wikipedia.

MAGic Audio

  • Added Cue Sheet support.

MAGic Player

  • Added an approximate estimate of the video length for video without video lengths in the header.

Stalker Player

  • Changed the logo of the application.


  • Added the ability to configure the built-in VPN client.
  • Added the ability to set images as a screen saver.

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