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MAG425A version 1.7

- Displaying 'Ethernet MAC address' in Settings/About/Status
- Enabling Restricted Profile in Settings/Seccurity&restrictions
- Adjusting red and white LEDs brightness in Settings/Advanced options
- Improving the 'Auto Frame Rate' feature
- Buttons adaptation for IR remote
- Setup wizard. Infographics at initial BLE remote paring
- OTA update for BLE OMNI OPAL remote
- BLE remote pairing which launched by long-pressing the Standby button on the STB
- Notification 'Voice function doesn't start' when calling Assistant from UI in case BLE remote is not paired
- Changing of display trimming settings in Settings / Display / Display area set
- Interaction with the BLE + IR remote
- Added functionality to disable reaction to events received from the IR remote
- Correction of MAC-address field name in Settings
- Increasing BLE remote control microphone volume
- Changing the volume level scale

Next errors fix:
- Bug with trying to enter the Sound settings
- BLE OMNI OPAL remote connecting error
- Density change and incorrect displaying of content after switching to the Restricted Profile with UI size of 1080p
- Closing system_server due to global reference table overflow
- Correction of the update procedure after an unsuccessful update attempt during the initial device setup
- Inability to play DRM-encrypted HLS streams
- The issue with formatting and further use of the SD card, the ability to record after expanding the internal memory
- Image quality deterioration when playing an interlaced video.
- Google Assistant. The microphone does not work after exiting the Restricted profile
- Bug in Restricted profile. After exiting deep standby, Bluetooth does not work
- Occasional sound disable when using a Bluetooth headset
- The Mute mode can not be enabled if the audio device is connected via Bluetooth
- Google Assistant. MUTE - UNMUTE commands do not work
- Bluetooth error during loading the STB
- Lag of displaying settings in the window 'Display area set' with UI size of 1080p

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