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SSH access

Port 22
Login root
Password 930920


1. Set portals address, example beesmart server.

/ekioh/ <portal address>

2. Application stop.


3. Run an update using usb device.

 /ekioh/ <path to image file on usb drive>

4. enable autoupdate.

/ekioh/ true

Disable autoupdate.

/ekioh/ false

5. Set URL to file in library description.

/ekioh/ <link to file update_list.txt>

After launch, if autoupdate if enabled, then file with update description will be downloaded. Example with content of this file.

[{"name":"0.2.16","url":"","type":"release","date":"Mon Dec 10 2013 11:19 GMT+0200","descr":"Release"}]


  name - name;
  url - url of firmware version;
  type - type of release;
  date - time and date of image, timezone in GMT;
  descr - description;

Then from this list the newest image will be chosen (alfa versions won't be used) and if image date from list is younger that the existing one(on STB) the procedure of auto-update will start. If autoupdate will be turned off or there is no suitable image on the list, then STB will go to the portal loading page.

Application configuration

Application ekioh is using two config files:

/ekioh/ekioh.cfg - configuration file ekioh-engine.

/ekioh/infomir.cfg - application configuration file.

Log file on box

Logs can be turned on next way: Example:

# cat /ekioh/infomir.cfg
# enable general log. Default: false
global.log : true
# setup the log type. Default: cout
# cout   - use standart output
# syslog - use syslog
global.logtype : cout
# enable player log. To see player log you need to run 'syslogd -n -O /dev/stdout'
# Default: false
player.log : true

Way of extended logging using utility nc.

In script / you change start of ekioh


. ./ > /dev/null 2>&1

replace to

./ 2>&1 | nc [ip] [port]

Where ip and port is an address and port of Host-machine where log will be transfered. Before initialization of ekioh you need to run on host-machine server part of nc

nc -l [port]

Add netcat to send message to your main server with rsyslogd. To have the messages with prefix from each STB, there is a need to change default template in /etc/rsyslogd.conf

$template myFormat,"%timestamp:::date-rfc3339% %fromhost-ip% [%programname%]\9 %syslogseverity-text%\9: %msg%\n"
$ActionFileDefaultTemplate myFormat

This way all local messages will be prefixed with STBs IP.

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