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Upgrade from USB-flash

  • Copy on a flash drive two files:

actual version set_second_boot (sh)

  • Login to the STB via ssh

Login: root
Password: 930920
Port: 22

 Attention!!! Beginning from version 0.2.14-r8 the changes were implemented in security and update system.

In manufacturer firmware version (firmware version, which is provided by manufacturer for Autoupdate and update from internal portal) - SSH is locked.
In Public firmware versions, provided in - SSH is open at standard port.
New instructions and utilities for firmware making

  • Connect the USB flash drive
  • Change into the directory in which files are copied earlier ( usually a flash drive is mounted in the directory /media/USB-…the device name.. ).
  • Run the command
*Reboot STB.

Update via http

  • Login to the STB via ssh
  • Run the commands
/bin/wget -O /ram/
chmod a+x /ram/
  • Reboot STB.

Probably as use of parameter for In the form of


In this case the image of bootloader will be loaded by tftp protocol from a server with address and name mag200/SbootIm. .