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Section MAG322/324/351

This section describes the technical specifications, software updates and settings for the STB model range based on MAG322/324/351.
Basic settings and operation of the STB are described in the section Embedded Portal.
Releases of the main STB software are located at:

Frequently asked questions MAG322/324/351

STB does not turn on or portal does not load:

  After turning the power on (not to be confused with the STB activation from the remote control), the STB does not turn on or there is no screen image
  • No power supply at the set-top box or TV or one of the devices (STB or TV) does not work properly.
    • Make sure that the LED on the STB is lit.
    • Make sure that both the devices (STB and TV) are connected to the power supply.
  • The STB power supply unit is not working properly or has not suitable parameters (the STB LED may be lit):
    • Check the power supply for the parameters specified in the STB user manual. If necessary replace the power supply.
  • Problems with the interface video cable (HDMI, RCA):
    • Make sure that the cable is securely connected on both sides (TV and STB);
    • Ensure the cable is in good condition;
    • On TV: сheck the socket (HDMI / RCA) to which cable is pluged and make sure that the setting of source is correct.
  • If there is no picture on TV screen, video mode on TV and STB may not be matched - enter the Bootloader menu - off/on the STB power and press Menu button on the remote control (the screen remains black) and change the STB video mode by pressing F1 button.
  • If a blue window is displayed on the black TV screen with the message "This video output does not work in HD mode. To operate the video output, you must use the SD mode»:
    • The wrong video output mode (PAL / NTSC) is selected on STB ;
    • You have not switched the TV to the appropriate video input (digital HDMI or analog RCA).
  After turning on the STB from the remote control, the set-top box does not turn on or there is no picture on the screen
  • Deactivating the STB from the remote control will put the STB in standby mode. Current mode (Active/Standby) of STB is determined by the color of the LED indicator:
    • MAG256 Red color - standby mode, blue color - operating mode (the brightness level of the LED indicator can be changed - see "Settings" / "Interface")
    • If the remote controller can not bring the STB out of the standby mode:
    • Restart the STB;
    • Probably, the remote control is not working properly or the signal does not arrive to the STB's IR receiver - make sure the remote is operative:
      • in operating state the STB should react to pressing the remote control buttons (the STB LED should blink when the remote control button is pressed);
      • direct the remote control right to the front panel of the STB, remove objects or devices that prevent remote signal spreading;
      • make sure the power supply of the remote control (batteries) is working.
  The STB does not load after a failed software update, any STB settings, or resetting
  • reboot the STB;
  • In the menu System Recovery Utility, switch the boot mode to an alternate NAND;
  • if after the reset the message "DHCP retry" or "tftp loading" appears on the screen and the STB does not boot, you need to change the boot mode in the Boot Loader menu from "DHCP" to "NAND" / "NAND2"
  • if the update was made via Multicast (MC update) - reboot the STB.
  The portal is not loaded, blocking access to the portal from the operator
  • If the initial boot takes place (the logo and the messages Loading ... are visible on the screen), but the external portal does not load, the reasons can be the following:
    • if in the portal selection window the message "Page Loading Error" - check the network connection and the URL of the portal;
    • check the network connection;
    • IPTV provider portal is not available;
    • blocked access to the service from the IPTV provider.
  • If network availability is checked but the portal does not load then restart the STB.
  • If the connection to the network is normal but the network services are not available then contact the IPTV operator.
  • Blocking access to services by the IPTV operator (messages such as "STB is blocked", etc.) - carefully read the info message on the TV screen, contact the operator or repair the problem by yourself, restart the STB.
  Network connection troubles
  • If it possible, check for a network (Internet) connection on other home devices (computer, smartphone, etc.). If you have network access:
  • If you have a wired connection:
    • check that the LED indicator on the STB's Ethernet socket is lighting. The status of the link must be "Up" (see "Network" / "Wired (Ethernet)" / "Network status"). If the diode is not lit and (or) the status of the link is "Down":
    • Possible causes of phisical disconnection - the cable is damaged, the connectors are not installed properly, programmatically disconnectiion on the opposite side, etc.);
    • If autoconfiguration (DHCP) is used, the correct values must be set for the parameters "IP address", "Network mask", "Gateway" (see "Network" / "Wired (Ethernet)" / "Network info"). If the parameters are not set, you need to find out and  eliminate the cause of the autoconfiguration error (restart the STB, check the network device's settings and (or) contact the network service provider);
    • If manual settings are used check the correctness of the access parameters (IP address, Network mask, Gateway).
  • If you have a wireless WiFi connection:
    • In the status window the link must be "UP" ("Network" / "Wireless (Wi-Fi)" / "Network info"). If the status of the link is "Down," there is no connection to the access point on the STB with the Wi-Fi access point:
      • If the STB does not detect an external WiFi adapter (when connecting the adapter to the STB, an appropriate message is displayed), make sure the module is working (on the other device), and also in the module compatibility with this type of set-top box - see "Wireless Wi-Fi access".
      • If the set-top box does not detect a wireless network, check if the wireless network is detected by other devices (for example, a smartphone). Perhaps, it is necessary to solve the access problem on the side of the desired network (WiFi access point).
    • If the wireless network is detected, but you can not connect to the network.
      • If possible, check whether the STB is connected to another access point (to another device);
      • Re-enter the access password;
      • Check that the Authentication Mode, Encryption parameters on both sides of the connection match on the STB and at the Wi-Fi access point.
      • If necessary, delete the wireless network and reconnect. The password information is stored in the user settings (for resetting - "System settings" / "Clear user data").
    • If autoconfiguration (DHCP) is used, the correct values for the parameters "IP address", "Network mask", "Gateway", "DNS server" (see "Network" / "Wired (Ethernet)" / "Status network "). If the parameters are not set, you need to find out the cause of the autotuning error (restart the STB, check the network device's configuration and (or) contact the ISP).
    • In the case of using manual settings, check the correctness of the access parameters (IP address, Network mask, Gateway).

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