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EPG function (Electronic Program Guide) allows to display the program guide in user interface.

1. Open tab IPTV channels.
2. Choose EPG.
3. Press button Add EPG.

4. Fill in the necessary fields.

URL - enter the direct link to EPG file in ".xml" format.

Prefix  - it's recommended to input unique EPG prefix, if you use more than one EPG source. You can use letters, digits, and symbols from the list ! @ # $ % ^ & * ( ) _ - + : ; , .  While adding EPG on IPTV channel you will have to enter the prefix and channel ID (see step 12).

Initial state - choose the state which will be shown when EPG is added to the list Published/Unpublished.

Priority language  - choose a language(s) of the data uploaded from multilanguage EPG. Example: if you provide the link to multilanguage EPG and set Language to English, user will see the EPG information in English only. Information in other languages will be filtered. You can choose up to five languages.

6. Press Save.
7. Press button Update EPG. This function uploads EPG from link to external source. EPG updates are conducted after EPG sources changes. Stalker automatically updates EPG once a day.

8. Open tab IPTV channels. 
9. Choose Channels.
10. Focus on the channel and press .
11. Choose Edit.

12. Unfold the tab EPG and fill in the fields.

XMLTV ID - enter the necessary channel ID from EPG source (channel ID is contained in xmltv file). State ID and prefix, in  <your_prefix>ID format, if there are several sources used.  

EPG time correction - enter the time in minutes. Default time – 0 min.  Field possess the value from 720 to 840 mins. This function is used when there is a time lag in actual show time and the time mentioned in the EPG source.

13. Press Save.
14. Choose EPG again.
15. Press button  Force update of EPG. This function should be used after each EPG update for the channel/list of channels (after setting XMLTV ID - go to EPG and press  Force update of EPG).

Please notice that you can use only one EPG type: manually added or added using the xml-file.

Cindy is an expert on the Ministra TV platform and the author of this article.

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