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TV Archive function allows to record the channel broadcast for delayed watching of a show or movie when it is comfortable for a user.

1. Open tab IPTV channels
2. Choose Channels.
3. Focus on the channel and press How to set the TV archive on the channel?.
4. Choose Edit.

How to set the TV archive on the channel?

5. Unfold TV Archive tab and fill in the fields.

How to set the TV archive on the channel?

TV archive type - choose TV archive type.

If no server program was chosen, the recording will be done by Stalker built-in programs. In this case it is possible to record only multicast streams: rtp, udp.

 Archive servers - choose server for data storage. See here how you can set the server for data storage.

TV Archive address -enter the adress to record TV archve in the archive depending on choosed server program.

For example:
Wowza DVR -
Flussonic DVR -
Recording is done by Stalker built-in programs (no server program was chosen) - udp:// or rtp://

TV Archive length - enter the time in hours. You can input only integer numbers.

Allow nPVR - put How to set the TV archive on the channel? to enable  nPVR function on this channel.

nPVR servers - choose server for storage data recorded by nPVR function.

6. Press Save.

Please notice that multicast and  http streams can be recorded using Astra.

Please notice that there is a Restart all TV archives button in IPTV channels tab. This button interrupts the recording of the current TV archive and starts a new one. Function is usually used in emergency cases.


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