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  Boot Logo. Description

The logo of Bootloader is displayed on the screen within the STB loading process (before portal loading).

By default, in open platform STBs, the manufacturer's logo (logo Infomir) is installed at the factory. Instead of the default logo, a specific Operator logo can be installed at the factory in STBs of a particular batch, on operator request.

In the case of self-creating a software image (version) by Operator, the bootloader logo can be installed in the image within building process: the logo file should be placed in the directory with Image-making operators utilities, the path to the logo file is specified in the profile (see Key points of image-making). The requirements to the logo file are given below.

STB users and operators are also allowed to install in STB their own version of the bootloader logo (Operator logo). The bootloader logo that installed in a manner will be valid until updated to a new version of STB software. The following methods of installing/changing Bootloader logo are provided:

  • Logo setting from USB drive - performs by users, separately for each STB. The logo file is placed on USB drive connected to STB:
  • Logo setting with DHCP / TFTP server - usually used by operators for group updates (simultaneously on several STB) of the Bootloader logo. This method requires that DHCP and TFTP servers be appropriately configured. The logo file must be put on the TFTP server.

Additional parameters of displaying during STB booting (logo coordinates on the screen, the font color of info messages, logo background color) are set with environment variables that can be set during the building process (with env.txt file), transferred to STB from DHCP server or set on STB via SSH connection (with fw_setenv command), depending on the method of logo setting.

Logo Infomir

Infomir logo appearance depends on models and software version of STB. Infomir logo (file logo.bmp.gz) for each STB model included in manufacturer's Operator Utilities.

Example of a logo for STB MAG254: logo.bmp.gz

Requirements to logo file

Permissible  formats and maximum image resolution (max.res.) of logo for different STB models are as follows:

MAG-200 bmp 8Bit (max.res. 720×576) 16Bit 565RGB (max.res. 720×576) 24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 48KB
MAG-250/254 bmp
16Bit 565RGB (max.res. 720×576) 24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 64KB
MAG-256 bmp

24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 1280×720) max.size gzip 256KB
MAG-322/324/351 bmp

24Bit 888RGB (max.res. 720×576) max.size gzip 256KB
MAG-420/424 bmp

24Bit 888RGB (supported 1920×1080 only) max.size gzip 512KB Attention! BITMAPV4HEADER - unsupported

The logo file must be compressed with gzip:

OS Linux:

gzip -S .gz  logo.bmp

OS MS Windows:

Logo image compression to gzip archive can be made with a 7-Zip archiver.

The size of logo file after compression must not exceed a value (max.size gzip) specified in the table!

Setting logo from USB drive by command of System Recovery Utility

This kind of logo installation is used in MAG256/3xx/4xx and all subsequent models.

File location on the USB drive

Your logo file is logo.bmp.gz. Requirements to logo files for various STB models are described above.
Logo file should be previously written on a USB drive, in mag<model> directory, where <model> - number of STB model (256, 322, 324, 349, 351, 420, ...). Example for MAG322, the directory name: mag322.

Logo setting from System Recovery Utility

  1. Put logo.bmp.gz file into the USB drive. Connect the USB drive to STB.
  2. Enter System Recovery Utility menu.
  3. In System Recovery Utility menu, run the command: Upgrade ToolsSet LogotypeUsing USB.
  4. Informational messages referring to logo installation are displayed on the screen.
  5. Wait for completion logo installation which is reported by the message: 'Logotype set successfully'.
  6. In System Recovery Utility menu, tap the Exit and Reboot command. STB will reboot and a new (just set) logo be displayed on the screen.

Setting logo from USB drive by script (MAG250/254/270)

In STB MAG250/254/270 models, new logo can be set by user by executing a script. For that purpose, the logo file and script file should be written on the USB drive. The script is run from the command-line shell (see chapter 'Access to STB file system via SSH').

Required files

To set the logo, you need two files:

1. Logo file logo.bmp.gz (see requirements).
2. Logo setting script. Logo setting script files for different STB models are as follows:

Note. Logo setting script must be decompressed (unzip) before use.

Logo setting

1. Edit (if needed) the file . Set coordinates of the upper-left corner from which logo should begin, background color and text color. If the coordinates (0, 0), the logo will be centered;

2. Copy next two files to USB-drive into a single directory (for example, named: logotype): and logo.bmp.gz ;

3. Plug USB drive to STB (In new versions of software USB drive mounts in STB file system automatically);

4. Connect to STB via ssh;

5. Go to the directory media/USB-…/logotype

cd /media/USB-.../logotype

6. Run script file:


7. Wait until the end of the procedure (see messages in the shell);

8. Reboot STB and check the display of the new (just set) logo during STB loading.

Installing logo from DHCP/TFTP server

Before launching setting logo:

  1. Logo file (logo.bmp.gz) must be placed on the TFTP server. The path location of the logo file is specified in the DHCP server configuration.
  2. The DHCP server should be properly configured. An example of a DHCP server configuration (Vendor-Specific Information) is given in the DHCP server configuration. Loading and updating STB software section.

Setting logo on MAG3xx/4xx/ and higher

  • Enter System Recovery Utility menu;
  • Go to  Upgrade tools Set logotype Using DHCP ⇒ Yes;
  • Wait for the completion of logo setting which is reported by the message on the screen;
  • Select Exit and Reboot ⇒ Yes.

  • STB will reboot and a new (just set) logo be displayed on the screen.

Setting logo on MAG250/254/270

  • Launch Bootloader menu;
  • Go to Upgrade tools  Set logo&key and press Right on RC - logo setting starts immediately;
  • Select Exit & Save to save the changes and exit from the menu;
  • STB will reboot and a new (just set) logo be displayed on the screen.
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