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Model Chipset MAG322/324/349/351
ASUS USBN13 rev.B1 Realtek RTL8192CU -
Asus USBN14 Ralink RT5370sta -
Asus USBN53 Ralink RT3572 -
Asus USBN53 rev.B1 MediaTek MT7612U -
D-Link DWA125 rev.A1,A2 Ralink RT3070 +
D-Link DWA125 rev.A3 Ralink RT5370 +
D-Link DWA125 rev.B1 Ralink RT5370 +
D-Link DWA125 rev.D1 Realtek RTL8188ETV -
D-Link DWA160 DualBand rev.B2 Ralink RT5572 -
Netis WF2150 DualBand Ralink RT5572 -
Edimax EW-7711UAN rev.V1 Ralink RT3070 +
Edimax EW-7733UnD DualBand(AC) Ralink RT3573 -
Foxgate WA 411 Ralink RT5370 +
Tenda W311M Ralink RT5390 +
Tenda W311MI Ralink RT5370 +
TPLINK TLWN727N rev.V1 Ralink RT3070 +
TPLINK TLWN727N rev.V4 MediaTek MT7601U +
TPLINK TLWN721N Atheros AR9271 -
TPLINK TLWN722N rev.1 Atheros AR9271 -
TPLINK TLWN723N Realtek 8188E +
TPLINK TLWN725N Realtek 8188E +
TPLINK TLWDN3200 Ralink 5572 -
TPLINK TLWDN3200 DualBand Ralink 5592 -
Totolink N150 UA Ralink RT5370 +
Dune HD Air Ralink RT3070 +
Linksys WUSB600N DualBand rev.2 Ralink RT3572 -
LogiLink WL-0145 Ralink RT5370 +
LogiLink RT8111 Realtek 8188E +
NIC RT8111 802.11n Realtek 8188E +
Edup EP-MS150N Ralink RT5370 +
AuraHD air/AuraHD air nano Ralink RT5370 +
Comfast CF-WU715N Ralink RT5370 +
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