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The term STB Linux & WebKit refers to MAG family of IPTV / OTT Set-Top Box (STB) running Linux, with embedded media portal (Embedded portal) based on WebKit.

Basic models of STB Linux & WebKit

Basic models and corresponding STB model range are given in the table below.

Basic models STB model range
MAG-245 MAG-245 MAG-245D






MAG-254W1 MAG-255W1* MAG-254W2 MAG-255W2*




MAG256W1 MAG257W1* MAG256W2 MAG257W2*
MAG-270 MAG-270 MAG-275*

MAG-322 MAG-322 MAG-323* MAG-322W1 MAG-323W1*

MAG-324 MAG-324 MAG-325* MAG-324W2 MAG-325W2*

MAG-351 MAG-351 MAG-352*

* - closed platform
index W in the model name means that STB includes built-in Wi-Fi module

The STB description in the current documentation is given for the basic models and refers to the entire corresponding STB model range.

Description of setting STB boot stage parameters are devided as:

Description of Embedded portal applies to all STB models with open platform.

Cindy is an expert on the Ministra TV platform and the author of this article.

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