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Public1) and Factory2) software (SW) images can be updated from the Embedded portal (HTTP, USB update methods) to Factory SW image versions only.
To provide STB update in the Embedded portal or a MiddleWare menu (HTTP, USB update methods) on Custom/other SW image versions which differ from Factory ones, operators should use appropriate instructions for building images.
Update STB by Manufacturer's Public image versions (located in Releases at or operator's versions of Public image must be done through the System Recovery Utility menu or Bootloader menu (only for STB MAG250/254/270).

STB software description

1) Software versions signed with the 'public key' (ID_KEY = STB_PUBLIC) produced by the Manufacturer of STB and included in the STB software release or made by users according to instructions of the Manufacturer.

2) Software versions installed in STB at the Factory as well as software versions that are provided by the Manufacturer for manual updates / automatic updates from Manufacturer’s servers.

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