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Favorites feature provides users with an ability to store single IPTV channels, local media files or whole playlists in a dedicated list called Favorites for later fast accessing them.

Favorites list storage in STB

Favorites list is stored in User data of STB. After clearing User data, the Favorites list becomes empty.

Source of channels adding in Favorites

Favorites list is composed by the user. IPTV channels can be added in Favorites from IPTV channels list as well as from external playlists located on USB drives and shared network resources (see Home media Favorites).

Access to Favorites

Favorites list can be found at the following path: Home media Favorites.

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How to add channels to Favorites from IPTV channels menu

This section describes how to add/remove certain channel(s) to Favorites list from the IPTV channels playlist.

  • During watching the required channel of IPTV channels menu press F3 key on RC to add it to Favorites.
    Note1. On the contrary, If the channel was added to Favorites, F3 command removes the channel from Favorites list.
    Note2. Immediately after switching on the channel (for about 4 sec.) an F3 icon and suitable command name are prompted in the top right corner of the channel screen.
  • Similarly, being watching other channels of IPTV channels playlist, select (by pressing F3 button) all required channels that are to be added in Favorites.
  • After you finish watching channels, press Exit on RC to pass on the IPTV channel list. The channels added in Favorites (during the current or previous edit session) are marked in the list by an asterisk.
  • Go through the IPTV channel list and make sure that all required channels to be included in Favorites are marked in the list by asterisk. Use F3 key to add/remove a channel to/from the Favorites list.
    Note. You may skip watching IPTV channels stage and go directly to IPTV channel list window. This way is more convenient to arrange Favorites list in case of large amount of channels in IPTV channels menu.
  • Leave the IPTV channel list by pressing Exit on RC. If the Favorites list was changed (during the current edit session), the appropriate message pops up on the screen.
  • Сonfirm to save changes of Favorites list (OK on RC).

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How to add channels to Favorites from external playlist

Required channels can be added in Favorites directly from external playlists (for example, m3u-playlist). You can also add whole playlists to your Favorites.

External playlists to be added in Favorites must be placed at USB drive connected to STB. When the USB drive gets disconnected, the playlist becomes inaccessible from the STB side.

USB drive s hortcuts are located in STB in Home media. Description of how to add channels of m3u playlist and entire playlists to Favorites is given in Favorites subsection of Home media section.

Operations with channels of Favorites

Users can watch IPTV channels running them from the Favorites list, either single one or contained in external playlists (for example, m3u playlists).
Users can add channels from Favorites to IPTV channels list, either single channels (with Copy/Paste commands) or channels contained in external playlists (with commands of Open playlist window).
Users can remove entries of the Favorites menu.

Watching channels from Favorites list

To start some favorite channel (stream) playback, the user chooses the corresponding item in the list and presses OK on RC or Open command from the Operations menu.
After playback started, the user can switch over Favorite channel list without the need to return to the list (use Up/Down or Chan+/Chan- on RC).
The user can stop playback and return back to the Favorites list with Back on RC.

Openning external playlist from Favorites

To open a playlist from the Favorites list, the user chooses the corresponding item in the list and presses OK on RC or Open command from the Operations menu.
When the user opens playlist, Open playlist window brings up, where the user is allowed to perform the next operations: look through the list, watch channels of playlist, remove channels from Favorites, add channels to IPTV channels list (either single channels with Copy/Paste commands or all channels contained in playlist). The description is given in the Home media section, the Playlists operations subsection.

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Context menu of Favorites list

Context menu of Favorites list contains commands corresponding to the Favorites list. To bring up various pages of Context menu user chooses the required channel, presses Menu on RC, and then presses Left/Right to change pages of the context menu.

Operations menu

Operations menu commands:

  • Open - start playback channel or open playlist. Users may open every list item and return back to the list (Back on RC).
  • Select / Select all - select several items to run one command for all these items at the same time. In such a way users can remove, cut or copy several items at the same time.
  • Remove from favorites - erase item (channel or external playlist) from Favorites.
  • Cut, Copy - cut and copy commands that can be used for copying or moving channels and playlists to IPTV channels list.

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View menu

View menu is designed to control, which entries (Audio, Video, Images, Playlists, Streams) of the Favorite list must be displayed. As a default, all entries types are displayed.

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Sort menu

Sort menu is designed to sort items of the Favorites list.

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Search in Favorites list

In the case of a large number of Favorites list items, the Search feature can be used. To bring up the search bar, the user has to press F4 key (on-screen or with RC). In the search bar, the user should specify symbol combination which included in the searched item and press OK on RC.

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