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IPTV set-top boxes MAG allow users to receive third-party audiovisual content (such as television channels, movies, series, etc.). Set-top box (STB) does not contain any pre-loaded content. In order to get access to content, you should turn to a local operator that provides respective services. STB manufacturer does not distribute any content and is not responsible for quality of content-provision services. While using STB, please take into account that the content received may be subject to copyright or related rights protection, and distribution of such content may be exercised solely upon the authorisation of rights holder. 

Media content playback

IPTV-channel section serves to access STB users to IPTV-content. Opening certain channel means starting playback of the corresponding media content with an internal STB player. To do this, each channel specifies playback parameters that determine format of audio/video stream, decoders required for playback, and network media content address.

STB player is controlled by means of API. For more details see JS API MAG200 (Rev 1.20) (pdf).

IPTV channels list access

Access to the list of IPTV-channels of STB is provided through the IPTV-channels section.

IPTV channels menu

IPTV channels menu

IPTV channels menu

Manual and auto playback

The channels can be opened automatically or manually by user. Manual opening of the channel of IPTV channel list is carried out with one of the devices for navigation and control (RC, keyboard, mouse), with OK button.

Methods for manually start channel playback:

1. Being focused on a channel in IPTV channel list, user starts its playback by OK on RC or by Open command of the Operations window.
2. While navigating through IPTV channel list, when user switches to next channel, its playback starts after short delay (If during this time to switch to next channel - playback does not start).
3. User can specify required channel number (for instance, with RC), its playback starts.

Auoto openning channel cases:

1. When user opens the IPTV channel window, the channel that was last played in the previous session automatically starts playing.

2. If STB was turned off by RC, that is, it is set to Standby mode (see description of Stand by mode in Settings / Interface) during playback of a specific channel, when STB is turned on, this channel will be played automatically.

3. If IPTV channels are assigned to STB as start page (see the description of the Start page in Settings / Interface), after STB restarting (HW or program reboot), the last played channel will automatically start playing.

IPTV channel, IPTV list, group of channels

Each IPTV channel is identified by the name and contains the address of media stream. The data of various IPTV-channels is grouped in a playlist (file with extension .m3u) that is loaded in STB (from network or USB drive). User is allowed to edit loaded channel list or create IPTV-channels manually in IPTV channels window. To facilitate playlist navigation they may be divided in groups. Channel group, generally, combines channels according to specific attribute. Channel groups are placed at the top of IPTV channels window. Channel groups can contain both channels and other channel groups.

IPTV-channel and channel group settings are made in Operations window. To call up:

  • Open IPTV channels (located in Main menu);

  • Stop auto playback of channel (if it happens) by Exit button or tap OK to open channel list;

  • In IPTV channels window, when channel list is displayed, tap Menu.

IPTV channels menu

Control-input devices for channel list navigating and for channels settings

To navigate through channel list and to configure channels, user can use:

  • Remote Control (RC) that is included with STB;
  • Onscreen virtual keyboard (opens by KB button on RC);
  • Keyboard / mouse connected to USB slot of STB;
  • Keyboard / mouse connected via wireless Bluetooth channel (if supported by STB).

For convenient channel configuring it is recommended to use keyboard.

Open / Close commands

Opening the channel means playback media-content linked this channel. 
Opening the group means accessing to channels of this group to further opening them.
To open channel or group is used Open button from Operations window (OK on RC, Enter on keyboard or mouse click).
Closing (exiting from) channel causes ending of its playback. Closing channel group causes exitting to level up of channel list. To close channel or group use RC (Exit button) or keyboard (Esc button) or mouse (click on Exit screen-button).

Editing channel list

Select channels and groups

Some setup commands (copy, cut, delete, add to the group) can be performed with one item of channel list (channel or group) or with several ones at the same time.
For simultaneous operation with several items, used the Select command (F2 on RC). The selected items of channel list is indicated by shadow.
To invert records (previously unselected records are selected, and previously selected ones becomes unselected) the command Invert is used.
Similarly, the channel group(s) is selected.

Cut, copy commands

Cut and copy commands are used to move and copy channels between general list IPTV channels and groups or between groups.
Cut and copy commands can be applied to channel groups as well.

Adding IPTV channel

Adding IPTV channel to list means manually creating the channel:

  • Call up the Operations window.
  • Select Add IPTV channel - that opens Add IPTV channel window.
  • In Add IPTV channel window:
    • Fill in Name option - name of the channel list (it will be displayed in IPTV channel window);
    • Fill in URL option - address on which channel (media stream) is located;
    • Click Save (OK).

Editing channels and channel groups

Editing channels means changing channel data (name, URL):

  • Select channel (in common list of IPTV channels or within certain group);
  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Edit command.
  • In Edit window :
      • Fill in Name option - name of channel (it will be displayed in IPTV channel window);
      • Fill in URL option - address on which channel (media stream) is located;
      • Click Save (OK).

Similarly, channel group is edited (Name option only).

IPTV channels menu

URL option format is given in Playlist - contents, loading in STB, writing to USB drive - see Playing media content.

Deleting channel or group

  • Select channel (in common list of IPTV channels or within certain group);
  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Delete command;
  • In Confirm Delete window click Yes (OK).

Similarly, channel group is deleted.

Creating channel group

  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Create group command;
  • In opened Create group window:
    • in Group option enter name of group;
    • click Save (OK).

Adding channel (or group) to group

  • In IPTV channels window (in common list or within certain group) select channel or several channels using Select command (F2 on RC).
  • Open Operations window.
  • In Operations window select Add to group command.
  • In opened Make group window:
    • in Group option select destination group to which you want to add the channel(s);
    • or create new group in proposed area;
    • press one of the following commands:
      • Move (F1) - channels will be created in specified group and removed from previous storage location (common list or group).
      • Copy (F4) - channels will be created in specified group without deleting from previous storage location (common list or group).

Similarly, group(s) of channels is added to another group.

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