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IPTV set-top boxes MAG allow users to receive third-party audiovisual content (such as television channels, movies, series, etc.). Set-top box (STB) does not contain any pre-loaded content. In order to get access to content, you should turn to a local operator that provides respective services. STB manufacturer does not distribute any content and is not responsible for quality of content-provision services. While using STB, please take into account that the content received may be subject to copyright or related rights protection, and distribution of such content may be exercised solely upon the authorisation of rights holder. 

IPTV channels list

Current IPTV-channels list of Embedded portal is displayed in IPTV-channels section which is accessible in Main menu.

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Image Documentation

IPTV channel

IPTV channel list is composed of single IPTV channels. Each IPTV channel provides user with access to certain media content in order to play back it with the built-in STB player. IPTV channel is identified by a Name (by which channel differs in the list) and URL (address of a media source linked to the channel).

Adding IPTV channel
Playing media content

Tip. You may learn every channel Name and URL while watching a channel (press Back or OK on RC).

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IPTV channel may also consist additional information conveyed in stream (different audiotracks, subtitles, teletext, EPG, etc.) that can be engaged by user during playback. This information is obtained in context menu of each channel while watching (on RC, press Menu and then Left/Right to change pages of context menu).

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Groups of IPTV channels

IPTV channels can be divided by user into channel groups in order to facilitate navigation through IPTV list.

Channel group, generally, combines channels according to specific attribute (for example by genre or so on). List of channel groups are placed at the top of IPTV channels window. Channel groups can contain both channels and other channel groups. One channel can be a part of general channel list of IPTV channels
and different groups, at the same time.

How to fill channel list

Initially, in a factory settings state, list of channels is empty. User can create each IPTV-channels separately or add channel(s) by copying from external m3u playlists:

Note. Channel list can also be transferred to USB-drive in format of m3u-playlist. See Export channels (write IPTV-channels list to USB drive).

Channel list displaying

User can get IPTV channels list in two ways:

  1. While watching a channel press Exit button on RC. You will get IPTV channel list with highlighted current channel.

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2. While watching a channel (in normal watching mode) press OK button on RC. You will get IPTV channels list as foreground against the background of the channel playback:

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Main frame of IPTV channels list window is divided into two parts:

  • numbered channel list (left part) - user may navigate through channel list. Current channel is highlighted;
  • info panel (right part) - displays additional info related to current IPTV channel: in particular, Name and URL.

Navigation through channel list

User can navigate through IPTV channels list (switching between channels) with one of the input devices (RC, keyboard, mouse). Possible actions are discribed below (used RC commands as example).

1. User can switch to adjacent channel (use Up/Down or Chan+/- buttons on RC). Playback starts in background with IPTV channels list as foreground.
Note. After new channel selection, the channel playback starts with short delay. During delay time user may leave current channel before the start of the channel playback). In this way, navigation is accelerated.

2. User can switch immediately to requiered channel by specifying the channel number (use number buttons on RC). This channel will play back in background with IPTV channels list as foreground.

3. Being focused on a particular channel in the list, user can start its playback by OK on RC. Playback starts as foreground (normal watching mode).

4. User can quit IPTV channels list and entire IPTV channels window by Exit on RC.

Additional command bar

Additional command bar is placed at the bottom of the screen of IPTV channels list. It contains next commands (shortcuts):

Channel search

In case of a large number of channels in the list, channel search feature can be used. To bring up search bar, user has to press F4 button (on screen or RC):

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Starting playback and switching over channels

IPTV channel playback starts automatically when IPTV channel window opens. After playback start user may switch over channels with one of the input devices (RC, keyboard).

Autostart playback

Autostart channel playback may happen:

1. When user opens IPTV channel window. The latest played channel, before exit from IPTV channel, will be started.

2. If STB was rebooted or turned off to Standby during playback of a certain channel, this channel will be started automatically after STB is turned on.
Note. See description of Stand by mode option in Settings Interface.

3. If IPTV channels was assigned as start page, after STB restart (hardware or program reboot), the latest played channel (before exit from IPTV channel) will be started.
Note. See description of Start page option in Settings Interface.

Switch over channels and exit from IPTV channels

Possible ways how to switch over channels are listed below (used RC commands as example).

1. While watching a channel, user can switch to an adjacent channel (use Up/Down or Chan+/- buttons).
Note. The channel playback starts after short delay (during delay time user may leave current channel before the start of the channel playback).

2. User can switch to required channel by entering its number (use Num keys), its playback in background mode with IPTV channels list as foreground.

3. Being focused on a particular channel while channel list displaying, user can start its playback by OK on RC. Playback starts as foreground (normal watching mode).

4. While watching channel in normal mode user can start channel list displaying by pressing Exit or OK buttons. Additional pressing Exit button lead to quit from IPTV channel window.

See also Navigation through channel list.

Operations menu

Operations is a service menu for IPTV channels list. Operations menu contains various commands related to IPTV channels and channel groups setup.To run commands:

  • Open IPTV channels list;

  • Press Menu;

  • Use Up/Down buttons to select required command of Operations list;
  • Press OK.

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Add IPTV channel

Adding IPTV channel to list means manual creating the channel. To add IPTV channel:

  • Call up Operations window.
  • Run Add IPTV channel command - that opens Add IPTV channel window.
  • In Add IPTV channel window:
    • Fill in Name option - name of the channel list (it will be displayed in IPTV channels list);
    • Fill in URL option - address from which channel (media stream) will be received;
  • Click Save (OK). After adding IPTV channel, it is added in the end of IPTV channels list.

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Open / Exit

Opening the channel means start playback media-content linked this channel.
Opening the group means accessing to channels of this group in order to open the channels.
To open channel or group is used Open command from Operations window (OK on RC, Enter on keyboard or mouse click).
Exit from channel causes ending of its playback. Exit channel group causes exitting to level up of channel list. To exit channel or group use RC (Exit button) or keyboard (Esc button) or mouse (click on Exit screen-button).

Select / Deselect

Some setup commands (Cut, Copy, Paste, Delete, Add to group, Add to Faforites) can be performed not only to one item of channel list (channel or group) but to several selected ones at the same time.
To run a command to multiple items simultaneously, this items should be marked first with Select command (F2 on RC). Selected items are filled with different colour.


For example. To move several channels to a group, select the channels, run Cut command, enter to the group and run Paste command.

Double selection of particular item works like Deselect command - i.e. removes selection.
Select all / Deselect all commands set/unset selection of all list items.
To invert selection the command Invert selection is used (previously unselected records get selected, and previously selected ones become unselected).

Cut, Copy, Paste

Cut, Copy and Paste commands are used to move and copy channels between general IPTV channels list and groups or between groups.
These commands can be applied to channel groups as well.


Editing channels means changing channel data (name, URL):

  • Select channel (in common list of IPTV channels or within certain group);
  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Edit command.
  • In Edit window :
      • Fill in Name option - name of channel (it will be displayed in IPTV channel window);
      • Fill in URL option - address on which channel (media stream) is located;
      • Click Save (OK).

URL option format is given in Playing media content section.

Similarly, channel group can be edited ( Name option only).

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  • Select channel (in common list of IPTV channels or within certain group);
  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Delete command;
  • In Confirm Delete window click Yes (OK).

Similarly, channel group can be deleted.

Create group

  • Call up Operations window;
  • Select Create group command;
  • In opened Create group window:
    • in Group option enter name of group;
    • click Save (OK).

Note. Channel groups are placed at the top of IPTV channels list.

Add to group

To add channel to group:

  • In IPTV channels window (in common list or within certain group) select channel or several channels using Select command (F2 on RC).
  • Open Operations window.
  • In Operations window select Add to group command.
  • In opened Make group window:
    • in Group option select destination group to which you want to add the channel(s);
    • or create new group in proposed area;
    • press one of the following commands:
      • Move (F1) - channels will be created in specified group and removed from previous storage location (common list or group).
      • Copy (F4) - channels will be created in specified group without deleting from previous storage location (common list or group).

Similarly, a group of channels can be added to another group.

Input devices used for channels configuring and navigating through channels list

To navigate through channel list and configure channels, user should use:

  • Remote Control (RC) + on-screen virtual keyboard (which opens by KB button on RC);
  • Computer keyboard + mouse (to click screen shotcuts) or + RC.

For convenient channel configuring it is recommended to use computer keyboard.

See Keyboard layout and User manual to Remote control sections.
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