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Teletext data can be embedded in the stream of a particular channel. This case Teletext information may be displayed while watching the channel over the video picture.

Teletext settings

Teletext displaying options are set in Settings Teletext.
To enable Teletext for all channels:

  1. Set Use Teletext option to ON.
  2. Set the required value of additional parameters (Force charset, Display ratio, Opacity level).
    Note. Additional parameters might also be changed during watching channel without saving in Settings.

Indication of teletext availability on channel

Teletext availability on channel indicates with the TVTEXT icon in the lower-left corner of the screen. The icon displays for a while when the channel opens. The icon may be displayed only in case:

  • if the channel contains built-in Teletext information;
  • if Teletext displaying is enabled in the settings of Teletext - option Use Teletext should be set in ON.


Teletext displaying

To start Teletext displaying:

  1. While watching a channel, bring up the context menu (press Menu on RC);
  2. Find the Teletext page (use Left, Right buttons on RC) and choose the accessible language (use Down, Up buttons on RC).



Changing teletext settings during watching channel

When Teletext is displaying, the user can bring up the Current channel teletext setting window (by Menu on RC) to make changes in Teletext settings (Force charset, Display ratio, Opacity level). New values are valid within the current channel watching till switching to another channel (without saving in Settings).


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