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This description applies to RCU, Model: SRC-4513/4515.

SRC-4513/4515 is a part of MAG250, MAG254, MAG256, MAG322, MAG349, MAG351, MAG420 (optionally).

Remote controls appearance

Remote controls appearance (non-programmable and programmable options) is shown below.

Remote control SRC-4513/4515

Key overview

Remote control SRC-4513/4515

Remote control programming with learning function

Programming Infra-Red STB remote control means assigning to its particular keys (i.e. learning) new functions of another IR RC (usually TV RC). In this way, one STB RCU can control STB and some functions of the TV or other devices.

Only programmable RC models can support the learning function.
For programming, only dedicated STB remote control keys can be used (blue colored).

To program the STB's keys do the following:

  • Press left (blue) On/Of key and A/V key at the same time and hold them down for 2 seconds. When green light of the left On/Off key stops blinking and lights steadily, it means that RC is ready to learn.
  • Press key that you want to «teach» — green light will start blinking.
  • Place infrared LEDs of both RCs facing each other.
  • On TV's RC press a key which function you wish to assign to STB's RC. Hold down for 2 seconds.
  • When green light double blinks and lights steadily, you may continue programming other keys.
  • Repeat the procedure described above for all keys you want to program to control external devices.
  • Press On/Off and A/V keys to save the programmed data; green light should fade off.

Using programmed STB remote control keys

For example, if you want to turn on/off the TV from STB's RC, you should assign the On/Off key of TV's RC to one of programmable STB remote keys (for example, A/V key). Then, to turn the TV off or on, you need to direct STB's RC to the TV and press A/V key.

Reset STB remote to the factory settings

Press SETUP and OK keys at the same time and hold down them for 2 seconds. After 5 times blinking of right (red lighted) On/Off key, the reset is done (all programmed sections of STB remote is reset).

Remote control SRC-4513/4515
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