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This description applies to RCU, Model: T4H1615/41k.

T4H1615/41k is a part of STB MAG324, MAG424.

Remote control unit layout

Remote control T4H

Dedicated keys to be programmed

For programming RC, only dedicated keys can be used:

  • TV Power
  • A/V
  • Mute
  • Volume +
  • Volume -

Visual LEDs

The T4HU1715/41k has two LEDs, located beneath the Power keys (TV power and STB power). The LED under STB power (Red LED) lights up when a key of STB RC is pressed. The LED under TV power (Green LED) will light up when a key with copied data is being pressed.

The LEDs are also used during the setup procedures to give feedback to the user, giving visual clues with a context meaning (see Programming procedure).

RC programming

STB remote control programming (or learning) means assigning to its keys certain Infra-Red (IR) commands of other Remote Control devices (usually, TV RC). Only dedicated keys of STB RC can be programmed (see RC Layout).

For example, if you want to turn on/off the TV from the STB RC, you should assign the On/Off command of the TV RC to one of the programmable STB RC keys (the A/V key, for instance). After that, you will be able to turn on/off the TV from the STB RC (direct STB RC to the TV set and press A/V key).

After copying an IR command from another RC, the key which stored the IR data will stop transmitting the corresponding STB function (if it had any) and start transmitting the copied function. The default behavior can only be restored if the RCU’s memory is erased (see  Reset STB remote to the factory settings ).

RC programming procedure

To program STB RC keys do the following:

  1. On the STB RC, press the ‘Red’ and ‘Blue’ keys of ‘Additional functions’ at the same time and hold them down together for 3 seconds. This brings RC to RC setup mode. Entry into the RC setup mode is confirmed with the visual LEDs: TV power key LED (Green) and STB power key LED (Red) turn ON and remain ON.
  2. Place STB RC and TV RC on a stable flat surface, directly opposite each other, at a maximum distance of 5 cm.
    Note. Emitting (IR) diode of original RC (TV RC) must face the STB RC’s IR window. Emitting diodes of both RCs should be no covered with stickers, cases, etc.
  3. On the STB RC, press the key that will store the copied data, the LED under the STB power key will blink once to indicate successful selection of allowed key (see Dedicated keys to be programmed). Both visual LEDs remain ON.
  4. On the TV RC, press the key, whose function you wish to copy to the STB RC. Keep the key pressed until the LED (Green) under the TV Power key of STB RC blinks twice to indicate success. Both visual LEDs remain ON.
  5. The STB RС will continue in the copying setup mode and wait for the user’s input to other STB RC's keys according to steps 3 and 4.
  6. To finish the copying process, press the OK key on the STB RC. Both visual LEDs will double blink and turn OFF.

Reset RC to factory settings

The Manufacturing Reset restores the RC to its default Factory Settings (i.e. returning to default functions assigned to all STB keys).

To make STB RC reset do the following:

  • Make sure RC is in idle mode (no IR-transmission or visual activity).
  • Press the Setup and OK keys at the same time and hold down for 3 seconds. Entry into the setup is confirmed when the visual LEDs turn ON and remain ON.
  • Release the keys.
  • The RCU is restored to the factory settings.
  • After a few seconds, the RCU turns OFF the LEDs, exits from setup mode, and returns to idle mode.
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