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From Stalker Middleware 4.8.36 and Ministra TV platform 5.3 and higher there is an ability to turn on the mechanism of the tariff plan.

The main characteristics of the mechanism:

  • There are tariff plans, a package of services and services.
  • Tariff plan consists of the package of services.
  • Each package contains a set of similar services, such as a list of available channels, movies, categories, etc.
  • The package of services can have an attribute “optional” in this case it is disabled by default. Subscription to an optional package can be done either by the user with STB or using the administrative interface by the administrator.
  • The user account can be linked only to one tariff plan.
  • There is “Users” section in the main menu which contains tariff plan and list of the available packages.
  • There is “Tariffs” category in admin interface in which administrator can control tariff plans and packages.

Turning on

To turn on tariff plan - it is necessary to type next

enable_tariff_plans = true

in configuration file /var/www/stalker_portal/server/custom.ini

While turning on tariff plan - all users which have no tariff plan will lose channel lists, video and the part of categories. It is recommended to switch between tariff plans while scheduled works or in a separate database with import.

Manual control

In the Tariffs section of the admin interface, first of all, service packages are created. Then, when creating a tariff plan, the necessary packages are bind with it. When you create a new account or edit an existing account, you can specify a binding to a specific tariff plan.

Work with API

It is possible to control user account and tariff plan's binding with API.


The work with user account binding to the tariff plan is realized with ACCOUNTS.

Example of use

Example 1

Adding modules (radio / video club / weather ...)

Service packages containing services can be implemented as follows:

1) From the config.ini in the custom.ini completely copy the [subscription] section.

2) Create a package of services that includes the necessary services.

3) Add a service of module type, in Available you can see the services with disabled_modules[] in custom.ini, select the necessary.

4) Add the created package of services to the tariff plan.

Example 2

Use of tariff plans.

1) Administrative panel > Tariffs > Service packages.

To create service packages:

1-6 - enter from the 1st to the 6th channel;

7-9 - enter from the 7th to the 9th channel;

Video club - includes the service Video club.

  Service Packages
The mechanism of tariff plan

2) Create 3 tariff plans:

Basic (contains service package 1-6);

Basic plus (contains service packages 1-6 and 7-9);

Full (contains three service packages 1-6, 7-9 and Video Club).

  Tariff plans
The mechanism of tariff plan
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