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This description applies to RCU, Model: SRC-4015.
SRC-4015 can be optionally a part of STB MAG324, MAG420.

Remote control appearance

Remote control SRC-4015

Key overview

Remote control SRC-4015

Code page altering

Remote control SRC-4015 is designed with the ability to change over three different IR systems (so-called code pages). The need to change the default code page may arise in case STB's remote control influences the operations of the TV or other adjacent devices or, vise versa, TV's remote control affects STB operation.

The code page altering feature is implemented only for those STB models that included the SRC-4015 as part of the assembly (MAG324, MAG420,...) and starting from a particular software version of STB:

MAG324 - 2.20.10 ver.
MAG420 - 2.20.03 ver.

How to change SRC-4015 code page

Step1. Code page switching on RC

By default, RC is set up with default code page value (14).
To change page code value to the next option, press together App Remote control SRC-4015 and TV Remote control SRC-4015 keys for about 3 sec until RC's LED blinks a particular number of times. Each code page value is indicated with a particular LED blinking:

  • After first pressing App+TV, the second option (11) is being selected. RC's LED blinks ones.
  • After the second pressing App+TV, the third option (24) is being selected. RC's LED blinks twice.
  • After the third pressing App+TV, code page returns back to default (14 ). RC's LED blinks triple.

Step2. Code pages switching on STB

To set appropriate code page on STB, direct RC immediately to STB and press on RC subsequently the following 3 keys (the order is important!): Rewind Remote control SRC-4015, Num 0 Remote control SRC-4015, Forward Remote control SRC-4015. STB's LED should blink ones.
When the same code page is set on RC and STB, the set-top box will start to react RC key pressing.

Note. STB stores a current value of code page to work with the remote control in special variable RC5codepage.

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