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To add user

1. Open tab Users.
2. Choose User lists.
3. Press on Add user button.

How to add or edit user information?

4. Fill in the necessary fields.

How to add or edit user information?

Name - enter user name. You can use only letters and digits.

Login - enter unique user login. You can use only letters and digits. Filed is not case-sensitive.

Password - enter user password. You can use only letters and digits. Filed is case-sensitive.

By default any user can launch Stalker portal. There are several ways to restrict the access to portal (only one can be used at a time):

- create login and password access;

- create MAC address access and restrict the access for portal for new STBs. Authorization will be done via MAC address, which is prescripted in admin Stalker interface.

Phone number - enter user's telephone number.

Account number - enter user's personal account number.

User group - the group of users. For more information on how to create a user group, see here.

Status - choose status, that will be set by default for user: on/off.

Automatic assignment of the License key - move the switch to the ON state for the automatic assignment of the license key.

Reseller - choose user's reseller.  By default, a new user is added without a reseller. More about resellers functions here.

User's theme - choose the theme (interface type, that will be displayed for the user).

State - a parameter that indicates whether the user is online or offline.

Comments - enter a comment. Comments are seen by admins only.

Additional services - specify whether additional services are required.

User subscription on tv-channels - specify the TV channels that will be available to the user.

Note! If you are using the functionality of tariff plans when creating a user, you need assign them a tariff plan. See more here.

5. Press Save.

Edit user

1. Open tab Users.
2. Choose User lists.
3. Focus on the user and press How to add or edit user information?.
4. Choose Edit.

How to add or edit user information?

5. Edit user information.
6. Press Save.

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