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User interface of embedded STB portal is built on principle of window system. At the top level of user interface is Main menu of Embedded portal (hereinafter - Main Menu).

Main menu

In the top field of the Main Menu there are indicators:

  • activity of network connection and connection to Internet network;
  • time and date;
  • weather.

In the main field of Main Menu there are shortcuts of embedded portal applications. Composition of the shortcuts can vary depending on type of STB and software version. 

  • Home Media - file manager of the portal. Provides access to the following resources:
    • Network - access to network folders that are available on local network PC. Using protocols: SMB, UPnP, NFS;

    • Favorites - IPTV channels added to favorites list;

    • Records - folder with recordings of media files (located on USB-media) that were created using the Record Manager or in the IPTV-channels window.

    • USB drive connected to STB;

  • IPTV channels - viewing content of IPTV channels or audio-video streams the data of which are grouped in playlists;

  • Settings - access to embedded portal settings and system settings;

  • Record Manager - schedule application for the content of IPTV channels;

  • Download Manager - application of media loader from Internet (downloadable files are available whose formats are reproduced by STB);

  • Internet browser - application working with network resources (local and web sites);

  • Weather - information about weather forecast;

  • Help menu - background information regarding STB operation;

  • MAGic Cast - application for playing on the TV screen video that computer browser receives from websites.

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