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  I have purchased a box. How to connect it?

You need to connect your box to the electrical grid via an external power supply, and then connect the box to the TV using an HDMI or RCA cable (power supply and cables are included with the box). To connect to the Internet, you can use a LAN cable, or an internal Wi-Fi module or an external Wi-Fi adapter for wireless connection (if supported).

  I have purchased a box. Where can I get TV channels?

Infomir is the manufacturer of boxes and doesn’t provide IPTV/OTT services. We recommend you contact local IPTV/OTT service providers or operators to obtain a subscription to channels.

  It requires a login and password on the TV screen. How can I get them?

Most likely, you use an external portal of IPTV/OTT service provider or operator. The operator can use the authorization form to access its portal. Please contact your provider to get the login and password

  It requires a password on the TV screen. What should I do?

Most likely, you used the Access Control function. To unlock you need to enter the password that you set. If the password is lost, you must reset the settings to factory defaults. Details here.

  Message Your STB blocked, call the provider appears on the screen. What should I do?

The box receives this message from an external portal of your IPTV/OTT service provider or operator. Most often, the message can appear on the expiration of the subscription or if the account is not activated on the provider's portal. In this case, you need to contact your provider to clarify this issue.

  Message The firmware of the STB is outdated, please update it appears on the screen. What should I do?

The box receives this message from an external portal of your IPTV/OTT service provider or operator. In this case, please ask your provider to contact our technical support service.

  What Wi-Fi adapters does my Linux box support?

The list of supported external Wi-Fi adapters in accordance with models can be found in the following article:

  There is no sound on my Linux box, the device is connected via HDMI cable. What should I do?

Please check the sound level on the TV and the box, check or replace the HDMI cable. Also, check if the problem occurs by playing video from a USB drive. If there is sound, contact the content provider. If there is no sound during playing a video from the USB drive, please follow the recommendations below:

1. Go to the internal portal / Settings / System Settings / Video / press F1 and select HDMI / DVI - HDMI

2. In Settings / System Settings / Audio / press F1 and select default values:

- Operating Mode – RF Mode

- HDMI Audio – PCM

  After turning the power on my box, the device does not turn on or there is no picture on the TV screen.

Please make sure that LED on the box is lit and both devices (the box and TV) are connected to the power supply. Check the power supply for parameters specified in the user manual of your box. If necessary replace the power supply. Also, make sure that the cable is securely connected on both sides (TV and the box), ensure that cable is in good condition, on TV сheck socket (HDMI/RCA) to which the cable is plugged and make sure that the setting of a source is correct. If these suggestions do not help to solve the issue, for more detailed information refer to the FAQ for your box model.

  After turning on my box from a remote control, the device does not turn on or there is no picture on the TV screen.

Please reboot the box. Also, check if there is an LED indication on the box - the LED should blink when a button of the remote control is pressed. If the LED doesn't blink make sure that batteries are working.

  How can I install an application on a Linux box?

Installation of applications directly on boxes based on Linux OS is not provided. Access of users to the third-party application is possible only via external portals of operators and IPTV/OTT service providers. We recommend you to contact operators that provide such services.

  Why the speed on my box is lower than the ISP speed?

The speed test in the internal portal of a box checks the speed to one of our nearest servers. This result is estimated and can not be compared with the speed that you get from your ISP.

Ministra Players

  I have downloaded Ministra Player application. How to get login and password to enter on the authorization screen?

Data for access to the service (login, password and portal link) can be obtained from the IPTV / OTT service provider or operator.  This application does not contain any built-in content. It plays only the content available to you with the subscription plan you have from your TV service provider.

  What should I do if I did not receive e-mail after making a purchase?

Depending on the payment method, the License key can be delivered in the following ways:

- The License key has been bought in the Ministra Player as the in-app purchase. You do not need to enter a License key manually, it will be assigned to your account after the purchase. If you need to restore it (for example, in case of resetting the device or replacing it) the key can be delivered directly in the application by pressing the Restore License Key button or shopping cart button.
- The License key has been purchased on the Infomir website. If you don't see an email containing the key in your inbox, check your junk folder. If you can't find it there, send the email with the transaction ID of your purchase to

  Can I exchange the StalkerTV application for a License key for Ministra Player?

No. These are different apps, that is why we can't exchange them. Ministra Player is not a new version of StalkerTV, though they have similar features.

  What should I do if an application stops working after a hard reset?

After you reset your device, you can restore the purchase in the following ways:
- if the License key was purchased in the Ministra Player app – start the application and tap the Restore License Key button or shopping cart button.
- if the License Key has been provided by the service operator, contact the operator.
- if the License Key was purchased on the Infomir website – send the confirmation email with the transaction ID to

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