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Public and Factory software images can be updated from Embedded portal (HTTP or USB update methods) to Factory software image only.
To update STB to Public image (provided in Releases at it is necessary to use Bootloader menu Upgrade Tools (USB Bootstrap, MC Upgrade and so on).
Updating STB to custom/other software image (that differs from the factory one) is performed from Embedded portal (HTTP, USB) or MiddleWare. The following instructions should be taken into account:

STB software description

Software releases MAG250/254/270

Software versions of STB are released to STB basic models (250, 254, 270). Last releases location:<model>/release/<release>

<model> - mag250, mag254 or mag270
<release> - version of release.

Update from Embedded portal by HTTP

There are two options how to update STB software from manufacrurer's web-server (by HTTP) using the commands of Embedded portal menus:

  • Update from Settings menu;
  • Update from System Settings menu.

When STB runs with standard software image (factory image), software will be updated to the last stable version (factory image) located on manufacturer's server.

Update from Settings menu

  • Open Settings menu of Embedded portal;
  • Choose Software autoupdate;
  • In opened window choose Update manually (F2 on RC).
  • In opened window Software autoupdate choose list of New versions by pressing OK - The latest available version is on top of the list;
  • Select necessary firmware version;
  • Choose Update (F1);
  • Wait untill STB will be updated. The status of the software update is displayed by progress bar and comments. STB will be rebooted automatically after update.

Image Documentation

Image Documentation

Update from System Settings menu

  • Go to Settings System settings (or press Setup, Services or Set on the RC - depending on RC type);
  • Open Sofware update.
  • Set Update method = HTTP.
  • Push Verify (ОК). If the test is successful you'll see information about the availability of new versions of software.
  • Push Update (F1) - to begin the update. The status of the software update is displayed by progress bar and comments.
  • At the end of software downloading STB will automatically reboot.
The folowing updating address is set in Factory image (<model> - basic model number : 250, 254, 270):<model>/imageupdate

Note! The string is available for editing via virtual keyboard (brought up by KB key on RC) or USB keyboard.

Update with USB-drive

STB software can be updated using USB-drive. The required software version should be pre-downloaded and written to the USB-drive.

USB-drive requirements

  1. The USB drive must have a FAT32 file system format. If there are more than one partition on the USB drive use the first one.
  2. In case of update from bootloader, if your STB has more than one USB socket, a rear socket is used for upgrade.
  3. Create directory mag<model> (<model> - basic model number: 250, 254 or 270) in a root directory of the USB-drive.

Update from System settings menu

Updating from the System Settings menu of embedded portal allows to update STB software to the factory image.
Note! File bootstrap is not used.

On PC (preparation the USB-drive)

  • Download imageupdate file from manufacture's server:<model>/imageupdate. For example, for MAG254:
  • Put imageupdate file in the USB-drive directory mag<model>. For example, for MAG254:

Image Documentation


  1. Connect prepared USB-drive to STB socket.
  2. Open System settings Software update.
  3. In the window Software update set Update method = USB. You can see two new strings:     
    • Disk - name of USB-drive;
    • Path - Path to update file on the USB-drive.
  4. Select Verify (OK) to make sure that the STB detects imageupdate file.
  5. If the file has been detected and can be read you'll see Software Update window.
  6. In Software Update window you can see descriptions of the software versions: the Current version (operating in STB) and New version (available on USB drive).
  7. Determine the need for update comparing Curren and New versions.
  8. To reject update click Cancel in Software Update window.
  9. To begin update click Update (F1) in Software Update window.
  10. Wait until update is complete. Status of software update is displayed by progress bar and comments.
  11. After software loads, STB will automatically reboot.

Update from Bootloader menu

Bootloader menu is launched by user during STB boot. This type of update allows to update STB software to Public image.

Note! File bootstrap should be used. It is located in STB release.

At PC (preparation of USB-drive)

  • If you need to upgrade STB to factory image:
    • Download Bootstrap_<model> file from release of required STB model;
    • Bootstrap_<model> rename to Bootstrap;
    • Download imageupdate file from manufacture's server:<model>/imageupdate
    • Put imageupdate and Bootstrap files in the directory mag<model>
  • If you need to upgrade STB to public image:
    • Download imageupdate and Bootstrap_<model> files from release;
    • Bootstrap_<model> rename to Bootstrap;
    • Put imageupdate and Bootstrap files in the directory mag<model>.

    For example, for MAG254:

Image Documentation


  1. Connect prepared USB-drive to STB socket (if there are two USB-sockets - you must use the rear one).
  2. Enter Bootloader menu;
  3. Select Upgrade Tools, open by pressing Right on RC ;
  4. Select USB Bootstrap and confirm with OK;
  5. Wait for updating finish, STB will be rebooted.
  Video example of update with USB-drive from Bootloader menu

Possible problems when updating software using USB-drive

1. The STB does not start updating or does not detect folder or update files on USB-drive - USB-drive is not initialized ("Internal error" message, etc.):

  • Recheck folder name, update files, file sources. Folder name and imageupdate file must contain only small letters (lowercase). Folder and file names should not contain characters added: examples of wrong name are mag_254, imageupdate (1), Bootstrap_254, and so on.
  • If you are not sure about source of update files (imageupdate and Bootstrap), redownload them.
  • Check extension of the update files - set view mode of the folder with files "Show extension". Files should not have extensions (like txt, etc.).
  • There may be problem with USB-drive. Check the requirements for the USB-drive again: file system is FAT32, first partition is used.
  • If you update from Bootloader menu - try another USB socket of STB.
  • If you can not resolve problem with USB-drive, please note the following:
    • if you have problems with starting files from USB (especially if you know that the USB drive was used as a boot disk or was handled by a utility like "Partition", etc.), format USB drive (file system should be used FAT-32) and repeat updating procedure;
    • it is recommended to use firmware (provided by drive manufacturer) formatting utilities;
    • it is recommended to use USB dongle of well-known brands (Transend, Sandisk, Kingston, etc.).
  • Try another USB drive.

2. When upgrading from Bootloader menu, STB starts bootstrap file, but does not start receiving imageupdate file or downloading did not end successfully:

  • Check name of imageupdate file. You may need to replace imageupdate file and try the update again.
  • Probably, problems with USB-drive - see item 1.

3.'Wrong signature', 'Unsupported architecture' - Probably, you use not appropriate type of image.

  • Make sure that imageupdate file matches your STB model.
  • If you are not sure about source of update files, re-download it, replace file on USB-drive, and then try to update again.
  • Make sure that imageupdate file contains Public image. If needed replace file on USB-drive, and then try to update again.

Update from Bootloader using Multicast

Multicasting update is performed from the Bootloader menu. This update method can only be used to install the public software versions of the required STB model, those are located in the STB software release or created by user independently according to the instructions of the STB manufacturer.
The following utilities can be used as a means to multicast update files on the local network:

Requirements to Windows OS: Any version OS Microsoft Windows with support .NET Framework 2.0 version and higher.


1. Download imageupdate and Bootstrap files, which will be streaming from PC to STB by multicast, similarly to described update with USB drive.
2. Download, unzip and launch MCAST-V2.0. (zip) application on PC.
3. To ensure IGMP and multicast traffic pass through, it is necessary that PC and STB are in the same broadcast domain. Otherwise it is necessary to provide routing for multicast flows on the required network division. It is usually sufficient to use a direct cable network connection between STB and PC or they both must be connected to the same switch / router (in the the last case, the STB and the PC must be connected to the switch / router with wire connection).

Multicasting from PC with Mcast utility

Mcast utility must multicast two streams: stream 1 - Bootstrap file, stream 2 - imageupdate file.

  • Run Mcast utility. This activates the form QueryUserForNetworkInterface.
  • Select the required network interface to multicasting;
  • On the main utility form Multicast file streamer v2.0 for each of the two streams (Bootstrap and imageupdate), you must specify:
    • File name - the location of the file on the PC (the files must be downloaded to a specific folder of the PC in the preparation phase);
    • IP-adress, port - IP-address and port to which streams data. These values depend on the STB model. For more information, see Multicast stream addresses.
  • Click Start button for stream1 and stream2.

Start multicast upgrade on STB

  • Enter Bootloader menu;
  • Select Upgrade ToolsMC Upgrade. STB goes into the mode of receiving and activating the Bootstrap file.
  • The multicast IP-address and port on which the STB expects to receive data will be displayed on the TV screen. Compare it with data that was set in msast utility for stream1 (see IP-adress, port option). If they are not equal then correct this value in utility.
  • The progress bar on TV screen must be moving - it informs about receipt of the multicast stream.
  • If Bootstrap file is successfully received then approapriate message will display and STB automatically switches to receiving and activating the imageupdate file;
  • In case of successful receipt of both files, the update procedure will be successfully completed and the updated STB software will be run.

Multicast stream addresses

Address for multicasting of Bootstrap and imageupdate streams in Mcast depends on STB model.

STB model Address for bootstrap Address for imageupdate
MAG250 or

Multicast-update process takes no more than 15 minutes. Successful upgrade finishes by STB rebooting and installing new version software. If updating does not end (due to erroneous settings, network interference, etc.), STB does not exit Multicast updating by itself. To exit Multicast-update mode should reboot the STB.

Multicast update example

Example of Multicast updating for STB MAG250 is below.

  Example of using MCAST utility


Select the network interface (active network interface);

Image Documentation

Specify parameters for each of streams: "File name", IP-adress, port. Stream 1 - Bootstrap, Stream 2 - Imageupdate.

Compare Bootstrap address in MCAST and Boot loader: for various STB it may differs.

Image Documentation
Image Documentation

Run streams 1 and 2.

Image Documentation
Image Documentation
  • Wait till update is completed. Updating process displayed at the TV screen. After updating is complete the STB will be automatically rebooted.
  Video example of using MCAST utility

Possible problems during updating using Multicast

  • interface (network card) is incorrectly chosen:
    • Check up selected interface in mcast utility. At difficulty in this question address for help to network/system administrator.
  • there Is barrier that blocks multicast traffic from computer (on which running MCAST):
    • If PC and STB are connected through external network equipment it is necessary to make sure, that used network does not exist barrier on the way of multicast and IGMP traffic.
    • Check up PC local network settings. Network filters, anti-virus soft as well as another soft can influence transfer multicast traffic;
    • Connect your STB directly to PC (Exclude switches, routers, etc.) and start update process again;
    • If PC and STB are connected directly through UTP cable, check up connection and cable not to be damaged;
  • If loading of Bootstrap file is successful, and imageupdate download does not end

    • Try to reduce data rate for imageupdate stream to 500 000 byte/s and start update process from the beginning.

Software autoupdate

Automatic software update consists of two phases:

1. Analysis of new software versions data. The STB periodically reads this data (file update_list.txt) from the web-server with software updates. In the standard software version (factory image), the following address is specified (<Model> - Basic model number: 250, 254 or 270):<Model>/update_list.txt

2. When new version detects, STB software automatically updates.

Autoupdate setting

To set the auto-update mode:

  • Open Settings menu in the embedded portal;
  • Select Software Update;
  • In the Auto Update string select the required mode :
    • Disabled - auto-update is disabled (the default value);
    • Enabled - auto-update is performed when a new version of the software is detected;
    • With confirmation - auto-update with confirmation mode: when a new version of software is detected, a warning message will be displayed on the screen. The user confirmation is expected to continue updating.
  • In the Update on beta string of the Software Update window select:
    • ON - use the beta (i.e.test) version ;
    • OFF- do not use the beta version (the default value).
  • In the Software Update window, click Save (OK).
  1. Stability of the beta version is not guaranteed.

  2. If the auto-update feature is disabled, the new version of the software will not be displayed, the software of the STB can only be updated manually.

For detailed description of auto-update see in developer section Autoupdate module.

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